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Doomsday Dave Report – April 2016

By Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – April 2016 Things are starting to heat up, Indonesia suffered a 5.2 earthquake, Iceland suffered a volcanic eruption. Stromboli volcano in Italy has erupted, this seems to be a trend and years ago this would be covered extensively by the news media but you are lucky if these events gets a mention. The next link … Continue reading

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I Am Zoloff, This is My Warning to You All – Doomsday Dave

Written by Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – March 2016 My name is Zoloff. I have eternal life and I own the planet you call Earth, I also own many other planets and I allow life forms like you to exist. You life forms where planted on what you call Earth many thousand of years ago. I have been observing you for thousands … Continue reading

Who Are the Real Preppers – Doomsday Dave

Written by Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – MAR. 2016 When you look at the photograph below this is the image that most people and the news media think of and that they are all crazy doomsday Sayers. Most people believe that most Prepper’s are the outdoor hillbillies type who are a little crazy at the best of times. There has been many … Continue reading

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Your Government Wants Total Control – Doomsday Dave

Written by Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – FEB. 11, 2016 Are you safe, will the government go against the second amendment and confiscate your guns that you need to protect yourself. Then on the flip side of the coin you have law enforcement encouraging people to arm themselves and I think that this has a lot to do with the terrorists threats, … Continue reading

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Planet 9 Has been On My Mind

Written by Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – March 6, 2016 So I want to explore this planet nine to see what it is all about. I find it strange that other astronomers that have tried to publish papers on Planet X met with an untimely death but I guess if you call something planet nine you are herald as a cosmic hero.Planet … Continue reading

The Apocalyptic Reality That Will Come To Be From The Arrival Of Planet X

Written by Doomsday DaveBENDEDREALITY.COM – FEB. 11, 2016 So I would imagine those of you that believe in Planet X are wondering after the SHTF what to do next if you are the lucky one that survives. Well you have to imagine that your neighbor’s are going to be wandering aimlessly wondering first what the hell happened and once they … Continue reading

Prepping Tips For Planet X or Other Cataclysmic Events Plus A Little ‘Donald’ On the Side -Doomsday Dave

By Staff Writer Doomsday It seems that although Donald Trump is popular in the United States he is not very popular with the British Parliament, see video below. NOTE: YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT 20 SECONDS FOR AN AD FROM THE VIDEO SOURCE TO PLAY BEFORE THE VIDEO STARTSPLEASE NOTE THE AD IS NOT FROM BENDEDREALITY.COM BUT INSTEAD FROM … Continue reading

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Surviving An Apocalyptic Event Anecdote…”Trying To Do The Job Alone” – Doomsday Dave

By Staff Writer Doomsday Dave “I am writing in response for your request for additional information in block #3 in the accident report, trying to do the job alone as the cause of my accident. You said in your letter that I should explain more fully, and I trust that the following details would be sufficient. I am a … Continue reading

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Effects on You from Planet X – By Doomsday Dave

By Staff Writer Doomsday I am hoping what I write will help you deal with the potential affect on you from Planet X whether directly or indirectly. I know everyone including myself wants to know the truth and you are probably at the point of confusion as to what is true and what is false, especially when there is … Continue reading

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Planet X Effects – Doomsday Dave
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