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Effects on You from Planet X – By Doomsday Dave

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By Staff Writer Doomsday Dave

I am hoping what I write will help you deal with the potential affect on you from Planet X whether directly or indirectly. I know everyone including myself wants to know the truth and you are probably at the point of confusion as to what is true and what is false, especially when there is so much crap posted on the web. I would imagine you are questioning yourself as to the validity of your belief which incidentally is a normal reaction. Perhaps you are dealing with your spouses non belief and you are feeling an internal pressure not to believe as nothing really significant has happened. There has been so many prediction and not one has come true and “Mr. Doubt” has crept into your life as to your initial belief.

You have gazed up into the sky looking for any clue that will validate your belief and all the preparations you have made has been worth while and so you can declare to your spouse and friends, see I told you so, but that has not manifested yet. You become somewhat numbed to reality and wonder where to go from here. The so called experts on the web continually push dates out so you will keep revisiting their sites, and you keep hanging on to the glimmer of hope that you were right all along. Tensions mount in your household and your spouse is becoming irritated at the mention of Planet X or anything related to it, in some cases you will be disowned.

No one out there seems to have a clear picture as to where the hell this planet is and you even doubt those experts that you once trusted in.

You have run so many scenarios through your mind as to what it would be like when the SHTF and it scares the crap out of you thinking about it, you lose sleep and your mind is racing thinking about your preparedness for the pending doom. Life seems to be going on as normal so to speak and you want to spread the word about what is coming but you are afraid to because you have no concrete evidence just a belief which dwindles day by day. You wonder sometimes if you have gone crazy and all of this stuff was just made up so these experts can exploit you so they can make a buck doing so. There is some partial truth to this but one has to be careful not to drop ones guard, because as soon as you do something will happen. The link below will help you understand why you can not see Planet X most of the time and I hope this will help you.

Leading a double life is extremely hard as you have to continue your daily life and make future plans which you believe in your mind will not happen, well at least the long term plans. You are at the point were you resist even talking to anyone now about Planet X because of the ridicule and if you think that I am immune from this type of ridicule you are mistaken. Fortunately my wife is not one that mocks me but at the same time does not harbour the same belief so I don’t talk to her too much about it and the reason is I am trying to protect her from the stress of what is coming. Yes I believe it is coming and I truly wish I could tell you when but I can’t and I won’t even speculate on a time because like you I have no idea.

Why do I still believe, well I monitor what is happening world wide which most people don’t and I beginning to see a pattern as to earth changes and although they are some what subtle right now I think that soon the effects will start to ramp up.

I can imagine the level of frustration for you is high and you find yourself scouring the web for that one person that can give you the right answers but I have to tell you that those that are more technically savvy on Planet X are guessing also. Believing in Planet X is like like believing in God, you have never seen him but your faith remains strong, for those who are believers in God and very religious please don’t take this the wrong way. Not seeing Planet X does not mean it is not there, I believe for the most part it is lying dormant behind the sun getting ready to emerge when ever it decides to and I can only speculate that this will occur in the near future. It could be that the forces and conditions out there have to be just right for this to happen.

It is important to concentrate on your family when it is family time and you have to “turn off” Planet X just like turning off a computer and if you can accomplish this you will find it easier to handle. The main stream media does a great job of providing distractions from what is happening to our planet, very little is reported on floods, volcanoes, earthquakes etc, they do not want you to connect the dots and start asking questions.

I am sitting here writing this article and the temperature outside is six degrees when usually it is in the minus with a couple of feet of snow, but we have very little and it is far beyond the norm. I sincerely hope this helps you cope with your anguish and all I can say is keep watching and keep visiting this site because you can trust that I will tell you the truth always and if I tell I have seen Planet X you can take that to the bank.

Dave’s Rant

All the news media and politicians slam Donald Trump for his comment on these refugees coming from Syria but just take a look at how some are behaving, gang rapes on News Years Eve, eighteen of these so called refugees committed this deplorable act. I think that many Americans are getting tired of helping these people that spit in the faces of those trying to help them. So are we suppose to change our way of life to accommodate these people, well news flash that is exactly what is happening and Trump is the only one with balls that can put a stop to this lunacy.

Stay safe

DDD signing off and keep your eyes in the skies and comments on this article would be most welcome.



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  1. Hedgy says:

    In those days my grandma used to read me the bible before bedtime…. There was a passage that i never forgot…. “En zijn naam was de duistere alsem en hij kwam als een dief in de nacht, allen keken met grote verbazing en grote angst naar de lucht toen begonnen de 7trompetten te schallen” ….
    Let me translate this….
    “And his name was the dark Wormwood and he came Like a thief in the night, all looked up at the sky with wondering, and great fear as the sound of the 7trumpets starting to reverberate ”

    Planet X is Like a thief in the night… You don’t expect a thief to knock at your door. Hes coming when you less expect it…..

    I know its hard to show others your truth but who wants to listen i tell then everything….

    I can feel that There is someting on the way to earth…. All the comets this year, the weather the mutated noice at night…..

    But the refugees are the biggest problem here at the moment and terrorists don’t make a good name for Belgium….

    Just don’t give up faith, do the things you enjoy try to make your life a feast…….

    Take care

    Greetings Hedgy

    • David Hines says:

      Hi Hedgy

      Thanks for the that I am making the best of it, I just bought a brand new truck and I have nicknamed it “The Beast” it is all black including the wheels. This is a great vehicle just in case I have to bug out somewhere else with my family. I know you are having trouble with the refugees we heard a little about it on the news but not too much lately. I am back at work so I am able to get better prepared as it does cost money. I go shooting at the range once a week and take different guns each time and I really enjoy that.
      I have had many dreams lately all connected to the apocalypse which I thought was strange as that has never happened.

      Stay safe


      • Hedgy says:

        Nice David, i really can emagine that your truck is indeed a great beast, some people here ride in a beast they take half of the road :D..

        In Belgium is a great mess at the moment….
        We suffer from terrorists attacks… Maybe you heard it on the news but Brussels is Hurt. The airport Zaventem was bombed by 3bombs. 11 people diede 35 wounded..Maalbeek is a metrostation there terrorists put a bomb on the train. 20 people died there and 106 wounded… :'(…. I feel really bad about the people who are hurt..

        I am taking shootinglessons as i write this and if i get a registration i am going to buy a gun… I am sick

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