America once issued a 5-cent bill.

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Evidence of Proto-Planet ‘Theia’ Found Deep Inside Earth’s Mantle

“Evidence of this mysterious proto-planet, it seems, may have been right beneath our feet all along.” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: NASA / Joe Tucciarone The findings could not only solve the mystery of the Moon’s formation, but also the mystery of two large subsurface ‘blobs’. While the exact circumstances that brought about the formation of the Moon … Continue reading

Asteroid Dust Caused 15-year Winter that Killed Dinosaurs: Study

“”Maybe we can better predict our own mass extinction that we’re probably in the middle of,” Gulick said.” by Daniel Lawter via Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid bigger than Mount Everest smashed into Earth, killing off three quarters of all life on the planet — including the dinosaurs. This much we know. But exactly how the impact … Continue reading

NASA Predicts Large Asteroid Impact Could be in Earth’s Future

“The Bennu asteroid is a third of a mile wide, roughly three city blocks. It could affect an area the size of Texas by its impact.” by Bill Shannon via KTLA Image: © NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/CSA/York/MDA via AP NASA scientists are predicting a chance that asteroid Bennu will strike Earth in the future, potentially affecting an area the size of … Continue reading

CCTV Footage Shows Allegedly ‘Haunted’ Bicycle Moving on its Own

“York is a great place for unusual occurrences and Shambles is a place like any other,…” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries A driverless bicycle moving along a historic city street has been generating some heated debate online this week. The peculiar clip – which recently went viral on social media – was captured on CCTV camera in Shambles – a … Continue reading

NASA May Have Unknowingly Found and Killed Alien Life on Mars 50 Years Ago, Scientist Claims

“After landing on the Red Planet in 1976, NASA’s Viking landers may have sampled tiny, dry-resistant life-forms hiding inside Martian rocks…” by Harry Baker via One researcher hypothesizes that experiments carried out by NASA’s Viking landers in 1976 could have inadvertently killed microbes living in Martian rocks. Other experts are skeptical. A scientist recently claimed that NASA may have … Continue reading

‘Twinkling’ Radio Signals From Space May Aid Search For ‘Alien Life’

“A novel technique conceived by scientists will, they hopeful, offer a breakthrough in the search for alien life in planet Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way.” by Svetlana Ekimeno via sputniknews Since humans started searching for signs of alien life, it has been assumed that if mankind uses radios to communicate, “aliens” might do the same. This triggered the probe for … Continue reading

Brain-Reading Devices Allow Paralysed to Talk Using their Thoughts

“”For those who are nonverbal, this means they can stay connected to the bigger world, perhaps continue to work, maintain friends and family relationships,” said Bennett in a statement to reporters.” Miryam Naddaf Nature Image Credit: Noah Berger Two studies report considerable improvements in technologies designed to help people with facial paralysis to communicate. Brain-reading implants enhanced using artificial intelligence … Continue reading

Neuroscientists Re-Create Pink Floyd Song from Listeners’ Brain Activity

“These exciting findings build on previous work to reconstruct plain speech from brain activity,…” by Lucy Tu via Scientific American Image credit: Tumisu – PixaBay Researchers hope brain implants will one day help people who have lost the ability to speak to get their voice back — and maybe even to sing. Now, for the first time, scientists have demonstrated … Continue reading

NASA’s 2022 Asteroid Test Proved Successful But Caused Deadly Boulder Storm

David Jewitt, a professor at UCLA, says the boulder storm is “like a cloud of shrapnel expanding from a hand grenade.” by Mary Manley via sputniknews Experts have suggested that a newly-discovered pack of space boulders could carry an impact as strong and deadly as the force of the atomic bomb used on Hiroshima during the Second World War. The … Continue reading

AI-Based Asteroid Hunting Tech Spots First Dangerous Space Rock

An artificial intelligence algorithm designed to help astronomers spot potentially dangerous, potentially Earth-bound asteroids has made its first discovery. The asteroid was spotted on July 18, 2023, and has been designated 2022 SF289. It is expected to pass within 140,000 miles of the Earth – well inside the Moon’s orbit. At that range, it’s been designated a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid … Continue reading

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America once issued a 5-cent bill.