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New Study: Planet Nine Likely to Annihilate Our Solar System

BENDEDREALITY.COM – August 2016 Compton N. VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER The still unconfirmed (Hypothetical) Planet Nine as you may already know is a large proposed planet in the very outer region of our solar system. If it does in fact exist, at this point in time we would still be safe and sound given its present location but … Continue reading

Mysterious Extreme Deep Earthquakes Phenomenon Persists

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGE By BENDEDREALITY.COM Executive Editor Compton N. May 2016 Ever since the whole 2012 prophecy shenanigans I’ve had a slightly more than casual curiosity with earthquake patterns and earthquake oddities. A couple years prior to and a few years following 2012 I became slightly obsessed with checking the quake reports and on a few occasions … Continue reading

What is Planet X / Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood

By Compton N What is Planet X? The intent of this article is to provide a definition of, and the concepts and origins of, Planet X which is also referred to by some as Nibiru as well as similarly related Hercolubus, Wormwood and Tyche. We will also cover Nemesis, the proposed but yet unverified companion star to our own … Continue reading

Coming Chaos or Mere Coincidence: Could These Be Signs of An Approaching Planet X?

Written by Compton N BENDEDREALITY.COM – 2015 Before we begin, I would just like to say that I am not a professional writer or storyteller but I would like to share with you what I consider to be some interesting information and the intriguing manner in which it all seems to tie together. These events aren’t predictions, neither mine nor … Continue reading