By 2100 it May Become Too Hot for Humans to Survive in South Asia

By the end of this century, temperatures in South Asia — a region where about one-fifth of the world’s population lives — could become too hot and humid for people to survive, according to a new study. Climate change in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could be so severe by the late 21st century that temperatures and humidity … Continue reading

CIA Declassified Documents Reveal UFO Sightings Over Nepal and Neighboring Countries 49 Years Ago

Recently declassified documents of the US intelligence agency revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had reported several sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over Nepal and neighbouring countries — India and Bhutan — in 1968. In a confidential “information report” disseminated on April 11, 1968, the CIA listed seven sightings in the region from South Ladakh to Bhutan, including … Continue reading

Nepal: Frozen Caveman Discovered in Himalaya

A group of climbers on an expedition in the Himalaya Mountains, have stumbled upon a complexe of caverns that seem to have recently surfaced after a series of violent avalanches in the region. Inside one of the caves, the team of Norwegian and Swedish mountaineers, found the remains of a humanoid male from the paleolithic era. The remains of the … Continue reading