aircraft arry of light sky phenomenon slovakia (1)
Mysterious Array of Light Appears in Front of An Aircraft Flying Over Slovakia

Something very strange is going on in the atmosphere of our planet. People all around the world witness and take images of strange sky phenomena. What to think about the strange array of light in the sky filmed by Martin Mikuaš from Slovakia on June 12, 2017 whereby an aircraft clearly follows the trajectory of the beam. Is this plane, … Continue reading

mars ufo orb anomaly
Strange White Orb Seems to Release a Beam of Light Above the Surface of Mars

Images just released from the Mars Curiosity Rover, recorded on April 23, 2017 by the Right Navigation Camera reveals an orb and a strange beam of light above the surface of Mars that appears artificial. The first image captured on 02.51.43 PM shows a specific spot on the surface without any sign of something artificial but a second image showing … Continue reading