The Mystery Secret – This New Controversial Discovery Has Been Revealed!

The past still holds countless mysteries. In order to breathe new life into the reality of our ancestors, archaeological finds are of incomparable value. However, there are also some artifacts slumbering in the ground that have the potential not to provide any plausible answers, but only to raise more questions. Today, let’s take a look at several controversial discoveries that … Continue reading

Smithsonian Cover-Up: Ancient Egyptians and Giants in the Grand Canyon

Smithsonian Cover-Up: Ancient Egyptians and Giants in the Grand Canyon In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to declare the Grand Canyon off-limits to all timber and mining operations. It would take another 11 years for Congress to designate the Grand Canyon a national park. Sensing a final opportunity for adventure, explorer G.E. Kincaid took a boat down the Colorado River … Continue reading

Hieroglyphs Showing Egyptians With ‘Electrical Light bulbs’ Is It Proof Of Time Travel?

THIS hieroglyph is proof that the ancient Egyptians were given the power of electricity 4,000 years ago by time travellers, according to an astonishing claim. Conspiracists behind a growing theory that our ancient forefathers were guided by time-travelling aliens claim the large elongated objects in the image are enormous light bulbs that were used to light inside the pyramids and … Continue reading