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Was a ‘Humanzee’ Created by a US Lab 100 Years Ago?

After you’ve finished reading this article be sure to give this one a read: Humanzee: Genetically Engineering a Hybrid via unexplained-Mysteries: Did scientists create a ‘humanzee’ back in the 1920s ? A prominent US scientist has claimed that a human-chimp hybrid was created in a laboratory in the 1920s. Evolutionary psychologist Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., who gained worldwide recognition for … Continue reading

Humanzee: Genetically Engineering a Hybrid

When Man Starts Playing God Genetic engineering is nothing new. Even before mankind began documenting his own history, he has been successfully crossbreeding Canis Lupus (the Grey Wolf) for centuries to create a substantial number of dog breeds. Dogs now come in all shapes and sizes and have become much more domesticated than their wild ancestors. But why stop there? … Continue reading