UNKNOWN Source Behind This Weeks Daylight Meteor Shower

This week, Earth is passing through a stream of debris from an unknown source, and the encounter is causing a meteor shower in broad daylight. The shooting stars are mostly invisible to the human eye. Astronomers know the shower is underway because the meteors reflect radio waves. According to data from Canada’s Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR), there is a hot … Continue reading

Warped Meteor Showers Target Earth from All Angles

Some meteor showers persist for weeks and months, even though Earth sweeps a big arc around the Sun during that time. The meteors arrive from a slightly different direction each day, which is a clue to why these showers last so long. In a review of ongoing meteor surveillance projects worldwide, 45 showers are identified that take this motion to … Continue reading

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Anomaly: 3 Fireballs Sighted in Southern Hemisphere – Extremely Rare

The Quadrantid meteor shower is 2017’s first major meteor shower and it peaks tonight. The display is virtually nonexistent for observers in the Southern Hemisphere. But Franky Lucena shot three rare Quandrantido’ meteors in the southern Hemisphere. Extremely rare! What does this mean? I don’t know! But one is sure, it’s extremely rare if not anomalous! Is the shower bigger … Continue reading

The Tunguska Event Comet Will Light The Sky With Fireballs

If we could all take a moment to put down Pokémon GO and Tinder and take a look overhead, we’d probably find the skies are full of interesting phenomena. This Halloween season was a rare treat, with UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona, mysterious green fireballs lighting up the skies over Japan, and a near-miss by a massive asteroid. Now, things are … Continue reading