Something Isn’t Right…Our Magnetic Poles Are Rapidly Heading Towards The Equator!

Is this why billionaires are in a hurry to leave the planet? The North pole is now moving three times faster than normal towards Siberia and at its current rate, in a little less than one hundred years will at the equator. Matrix Wisdom YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, … Continue reading

Tunguska Event Still Intrigues, 113 Years On

“..we have learned from the incident however is that large objects from space can and do hit our planet with alarming regularity and that we should not be complacent..” via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: PD – Leonid Kulik Scientists are still investigating exactly what flattened part of the Siberian wilderness back in 1908. Few natural disasters in the 20th Century have … Continue reading

‘5,000 Y/O BACTERIA’ that Caused Black Death Unearthed from Long-Dead Pandemic Victim

I’m filing this under, ‘what could possibly go wrong’?! via RT An ancient skull found by a river in modern-day Latvia may well hold clues as to how the bubonic plague wiped out tens of millions of people across Europe in what would eventually become the deadliest pandemic in human history. Researchers from Kiel University in Germany revealed on Wednesday … Continue reading

WORSE THAN DYATLOV PASS: The Korovina Group Incident – One Survived to Tell THE TRUTH

The story of the Korovina hiking group is not unlike that of the famous Dyatlov Pass incident. What exactly happened remains a mystery to this day, surrounded by eerie rumours. And, to make the story even more chilling, it has been recounted by the group’s only survivor in coldblooded detail… So, what really happened that day in the mountains of … Continue reading

Siberia YouTube Doc 12412451
Strangest Things Found In Siberia

“Siberia is huge, making up 77% of Russia, but it’s only 23% populated. In these places completely uninhabited, strange things have been discovered, and many mysterious and unexplained things have happened, like the Tunguska Event. But scientists discovered something astonishing not long ago; a prehistoric virus that’s been sleeping beneath the ice for millions of years, and even stranger; massive … Continue reading

Giant Holes are Opening up in Siberian Permafrost Again

A phenomenon that made headlines back in 2014 has resurfaced in the form of a new 164-foot crater in Siberia. Six years ago, Siberia found itself at the center of a long-running mystery as several large craters, which looked like they had been formed by explosions, appeared across the region. Researchers spent months investigating the phenomenon and determined that the … Continue reading

Mysterious Celestial Object Lands in Siberia, Russia

Was this just an elaborate publicity/promotional stunt? How would they even achieve this? Or did something of alien origin crash there and they are using that story as a cover up? via Sputnik: Residents of the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia’s Ural mountains continue their guesswork on what some have described as a fallen meteorite. Some Yekaterinburg citizens have tweeted … Continue reading

Mysterious Exploding Siberian Craters Could Mean Trouble For The Entire Planet

In northern Siberia, rising temperatures are causing mysterious giant craters — and even more dire consequences could be in store, say climate scientists. The Russian province’s long-frozen ground, called permafrost, is thawing, triggering massive changes to the region’s landscape and ecology. It could even threaten human lives. “The last time we saw a permafrost melting was 130,000 years ago. It’s … Continue reading

‘Diamond-Shaped UFO’ Recorded Over Siberia Russia

Siberia seems to always be in the news for something strange happening such as many strange UFO sightings and strange skeletons being found in ancient caves. Here is another recent sighting.. unexplained-mysteries reports: Footage allegedly recorded at the time of the sighting has since managed to make its way on to YouTube. Falling firmly in to the ‘too good to … Continue reading

Meteor Explodes over Siberian City, Turning Night into Day (VIDEO)

People in the Republic of Khakassia in southwest Siberia witnessed a large fireball exploding in the sky on Tuesday, which briefly made the evening as bright as the day. Some even managed to catch the event on camera. “At first, I couldn’t understand what’s going on. There was a sudden luminescence. It wasn’t as light as day, but still quite … Continue reading

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