Unexplained Tremor Rattles Windows and Nerves in South Australia – Geoscience Says Wasn’t an Earthquake

People across South Australia have reported being awoken by mysterious tremors that rattled windows and sent pets into a frenzy – but authorities say there was no earthquake. The tremors and loud rumbles were heard between 2am and 2.30am on Saturday, prompting people to turn to Facebook and Twitter to look for answers and share what they felt and heard. … Continue reading

‘Earth Moved’ as Enormous Fireball Exploded over Spanish Sky [video]

Stunned observers feared explosion or earthquake as massive fireball “brighter than the moon” ripped through atmosphere at 72,000 kilometres and hour This is the moment a massive fireball described as “brighter than the moon” lit up a huge part of Spain, including the Costa del Sol. Many people thought there had been an explosion or an earthquake of a small … Continue reading

Earth Tremor Causes Panic, Cracks Walls in Nigeria

Suspected earth tremor in parts of Bayelsa and Rivers States, has caused palpable apprehension among residents of the affected communities in the two oil-rich states. Residents of the areas noted that the tremor caused serious cracks on the walls of their buildings though no injury was reported. It was learnt that in some of the impacted communities such as Igbogene … Continue reading