SOHO comet space object
NASA’s SOHO Satellite Records Sun Diving Comet And An UNKNOWN Deep Space Object

On September 27, 2017 SOHO’s LASCO C2 and LASCO C3 satellites have captured the final moments of a large comet at the moment it’s racing towards the sun before diving into the surface. Even more interesting is an unknown solar object which became visible at the ‘high noon’ position of LASCO C3. If you look very closely you will see … Continue reading

wined sun object ufo nasa cor2 satellite
Bizarre ‘Winged Object’ Captured by NASA’s COR2 Satellite Near the Sun

On September 16, 2017 NASA’s Stereo Ahead COR2 satellite has captured a strange unnatural looking object near the sun. Streetcap1 who spotted the object wonders whether the object could be a winged alien craft or maybe a winged sun object as depicted on ancient cylinder seals and Egyptian texts. The symmetry of the winged shaped object is quite perplexing which … Continue reading

hologram universe planet-like holgraphic display sun
Once Again a ‘Hologram Planet’ Appears in NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 Satellite Image

A strange phenomenon appeared on NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 satellite, again. Streetcap1 who recorded an object what looks like a holographic display of a planet wonders why does it appear intermittently then not at all and is still waiting to hear a valid explanation for the weird phenomenon. Some people suggest that it is caused by an overload on the … Continue reading

anomaly ufo sun nasa (1)
Mysterious MEGA-Sized Rectangular Anomaly Emerges From the Sun

An image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and uploaded to Helioviewer (Solar and heliospheric image visualization tool) on September 2, 2017 shows a giant rectangular anomaly that seems to emerge from the sun. Clearly visible is the defined structure of the enormous anomaly. Even the sun spot on the right side of the structure seems to be framed making … Continue reading

black planet Rahu sun eclipse nasa soho
The Old Switcheroo! It Appears NASA Has Manipulated SOHO LASCO C2 Sun Images from August 23, 2017

On Aug. 26 (2017) we shared an article from Ufosightingshotspot covering a strange anomaly from NASA’s SOHO LASCO C2 satellite in which the image shows a very large black spot behind the sun. Here is the previous article in case you missed it: Did NASA Satellite Capture Image of Mysterious Black Planet ‘Rahu’ Behind the Sun? via Ufosightningshotspot: Images captured … Continue reading

UFO multi level structure mothership sun (1)
NASA Satellite Picks Up Massive UFO and Multi Level Structure Near the Sun

This strange sighting occurred just one day prior to the total solar eclipse, could there be some connection? While we’re at it, take a look at this report by spaceweather: “UNEXPECTED GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A G2-class geomagnetic storm occurred during the early hours of Aug. 22nd when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth unexpectedly tipped south. This opened a crack … Continue reading

ufo sphere sun nasa
Energy from Our Sun Being Harvested By ‘Alien’ Spheres Claims UFO Hunter

On March 11, 2012 a giant sphere appears in the sun’s corona that seems to harvest energy from the sun before it zips off. The curious object, interpreted as giant UFO, caused a stir among the UFO community but was quickly dismissed by NASA who explained that it was a coronal cavity associated with a filament. But not everyone was … Continue reading

Unidentified Objects Near The Sun Revealed By Solar Blast

There is always much debate about the nature of the mysterious cube-shaped objects near the sun often spotted in NASA’s satellite images. While some people say these objects are image processing errors, others believe such a cube-shaped object is in fact NASA’s way of hiding unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial origin. Since it seems impossible to find out if there … Continue reading

ufo sun anomaly spherical object
Huge Spherical Object And Other Anomalies Shows Up On NASA’s Satellite Image of the Sun

A fascinating image of an unknown massive spherical object near the Sun has been captured by NASA’s SDO AIA 171 on June 14, 2017. NASA explains that “on rare occasions” the image processor can become overloaded resulting in corrupted images but in this case the image is completely clear and it shows an unidentified object which certainly not looks like … Continue reading

ufo near sun ufo disc
Huge Disc Shaped UFO Appears Near The Sun

This is probably one of the best UFO discs ever found while exploring the data from the Solar Observatory. The huge disc which appears to have a hexagon shaped hole and possible a smaller craft attached to its hull. About this object, it is not just its size and the way it phases in and out but the amount of … Continue reading

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