America once issued a 5-cent bill.
Project Looking Glass | The Time Warriors of the 2012 Apocalypse

You’re not supposed to be alive. None of us are. About 10 years ago, you woke up to an eerie silence. The power was out. You went to check your phone for news but your phone was dead. Then you realized, everything was dead. Some kind of blackout, you thought. You looked out your window, confused. It looked like a … Continue reading

The Kelly Cahill Abduction

This video delves into Australia’s most notorious encounter with what is known as the “shadow people” – an encounter that would become a pivotal catalyst in propelling knowledge of life beyond Earth into the public mainstream. Let’s take a late-night cruise with Kelly Cahill and her husband into the cold, lonely depths of missing time through the foothills of the … Continue reading

What Happened in Pascagoula?

This video covers one of the most high-profile alien abduction stories ever to have been made public. It examines the astounding testimony of those involved, as well as independent evidence which has surfaced in the years since, which seems to support their claims. Let’s delve into the disturbing circumstances of the Pascagoula Incident. Bedtime Stories YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS … Continue reading

Crashed UFO with ‘Living’ ‘Android’ Beings Inside

I recently watched intelligence officer David Grusch’s nearly 3-hour UFO discussion with Joe Rogan. In this video, I go through all my notes, analyzing Grusch’s revelations about the secret crash retrieval programs, the double-digit recovered craft, and the government harassment he says he endured when he tried exposing this shocking coverup. If you want an in-depth breakdown of this landmark … Continue reading

Air Force Officer Recounts Mass Sighting of Red, Glowing UFO

“”I talk to everybody,” he said. “Basically what they described was this object came in, was moving strangely, erratically. It got bigger and brighter as it came in.”” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries Ex-USAF senior patrolman Jeff Nuccetelli recently recounted the experience in a podcast interview. The incident, which took place over Vandenberg Air Force Base in California back in … Continue reading

‘Aliens,’ or a Foreign Power? Pentagon UFO Chief Says Someone is in Our Backyard

At first, the craft proved elusive. But when aviators eventually observed them visually, including during a harrowing near-midair collision, the objects appeared to be translucent and spherical, matching World War II-era descriptions of encounters with “transparent spheres.” Marik von Rennenkampff The Hill The director of the U.S. government’s UFO analysis office stated that there is “evidence” of concerning unidentified flying … Continue reading

Aliens UFOs and UAPs: Inside the Military Zone

For years, the US government denied investigating UFOs but an ultra-secret Pentagon program was revealed and now we have insight into elite secret programs to study alien threats, and how an alien presence on Earth could have potential ramifications for society. Extreme Mysteries YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave … Continue reading

3 Famous UFO Encounters from Human History

Three exciting UFO encounters throughout human history. Extreme Mysteries YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Cosmic Conspiracy: ALIENS & UFOS

There is a conspiracy to rule the world, but the truth is far stranger than fiction. The truth in essence, is that Reality isn’t what it seems. With UFO sightings on the rise, sinister programs to spy on unsuspecting citizens and black projects like MK Ultra proven to be real, what’s left in that massive wake is the question of … Continue reading

Unveiling UFO Secrets: Men in Black, Alien Autopsy, and Global Enigmas

In “The Alien from Area 51,” creators of the infamous “Alien Autopsy” footage reveal the unsettling truth about their encounters with menacing Men in Black, Chinese involvement in the original footage, their beliefs in extraterrestrial visitations, and the manipulation of humanity’s genetics. Gain an unparalleled insight into the UFO enigma and its implications for all of us. In “UFO Landings, … Continue reading

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America once issued a 5-cent bill.