ANNOUNCING 2-VOLUME ‘Science-Faction’ Newly Published Books by TS Caladan



What is Science-Faction?
       Too often, science-fiction is taken for fantasy. They are very different things. Sci-fi is not incredible things that are impossible or absurd. Science-fiction is future technologies, REAL things that can happen, now, in the present, before they would be normally developed. Or SF is a view into possible universes that might actually exist. Fictional stories could be partially true.
       My ‘Science-Faction’ is a style of writing I’ve worked on for over a decade: to place relevant issues or current controversies inside stories, inside fiction, inside strange tales of the imagination that could be not so farfetched. They’re puzzles, ‘treasures’ to be discovered later like ‘time-bombs.’ I’d like to think my “fictional” novels and short stories are ‘delivery-systems’ for important pieces of reality (Media never reveals). Maybe they are morality lessons in a real world that is invisibly darkening more and more around us? You might need a ‘decoder-ring’ to understand them. Why make it easy for readers? “Bury the truth DEEP,” I say. It’s more fun to discover things on your own, far below the surface.
       Possibly (hiding reality within fiction), my writing style is simply a way to not be so scandalous, provocative and controversial. Maybe I’m trying to be funny? Who wants the fascist feds hassling you, man? Not me. [TS’s anagram is “at scandal,” after all].
       I’ve loved fantastic stories all my life, brought up on 1950’s television and 1960’s comic books and sci-fi. Any movie or show about the future or the weird or another world, I sure saw more than once. They opened my mind. Classic sci-fi and comics superheroes were my world. The real world, not so much. I found out I could easily picture pictures in my head: see scenes. Was I creating, imagining, day-dreaming and remote-viewing or remembering? 
       It wasn’t until late in life that an extraordinary thing happened to me (among others). I learned how to write a proper sentence. Once that happened, a flood of ideas poured out that were always in me and onto digital paper. I felt like: If a magazine editor told me they needed 4 stories by 6 O’clock, I’d reply with, “Boss, I’ll give ya 6 stories by 4 O’clock!” Wild stories flooded out like a Fountain, ideas that were not pure fantasies. Most had definite messages and conveyed subtle truths, based on substantial things. Certainly woven into the written tapestry or ‘operas’ were my decades of research on ancient mysteries as well as modern conspiracies. Most of the shorts emerged when I saw something outrageous in the real world and then got very pissed about it that I had to do something. So I wrote furiously… 
       When I write, it’s a Stream of Consciousness [I have stated previously]. Yes, but whose consciousness? I don’t know what’s going to happen as I quickly and chronologically write a story; that’s what keeps me interested! “I’m eating popcorn in a movie theatre of my mind and see scenes for the first time. I love it.”  These top 41 stories are special ‘songs’ to me, special moments in my life. I’m Tray’s biggest fan.
Dedicated to the imagination of Nikola Tesla, the freedom of Giordano Bruno and the warnings of George Orwell ~
Contents of the Caladanthology ~ Volume One
Story 1     Citizen Cal: the Darkening
Story 2     Men of Steel
Story 3     Three
Story 4     Violet
Story 5     Kill Squad: Dr. Yes vs. the Terrible Trio
Story 6     Rise and Fall of Buster Jeser
Story 7     To Kill a Clone
Story 8     Hoagy’s Head
Story 9     Godzilla’s Son, Cermit
Story 10   Truth about Tribbles
Story 11   Lost Sex Life of Vulcans
Story 12   Dream Screens: an erotic thriller  
Story 13   Doug Yurchey’s Dream
Story 14   For the Love of Skittles  
Story 15   What are the Numbers?
Story 16   Readings from a Witch
Story 17   Morra and Draka
Story 18   Sherlock Holmes Discovers Jack the Ripper’s Identity
Contents of the Caladanthology ~ Volume Two
Story 1     Before Shasheer
Story 2     Long Ago on Iapetus
Story 3     Venusian Zoo
Story 4     REPUBLIC  
Story 5     Star Wars Commercial
Story 6     Shepherds of Phantom Planets
Story 7     Aleister Crowley Created ‘60s Peace Movement
Story 8     Super Bowl 49 Nexus
Story 9     Cats’ Secret Power
Story 10   Caterpillar’s Dream
Story 11   The Plan  
Story 12   District of the Damned
Story 13   Curse of the Wereman  
Story 14   VIRUS-H
Story 15   SIGN of the Coming…
Story 16   The Other One  
Story 17   We Can Change the Future
Story 18   Day the Earth Moved
Story 19   “It’s Only an Atomic Particle”
Story 20   Cutters!
Story 21   Anitorum
Story 22   How Galileo Saved the Life of Capt. John Smith
Story 23   The Prince and the Whipping Post
Story 24   Sherlock Holmes Discovers Jack the Ripper’s Identity
“THEY LIE, Congressmen, residents, all of them. They lie when they’re alone. They lie when they’re asleep. Dead ones are the true assassins, the true murderers…Actors make a contribution to people’s lives, giving a gift you can’t buy, something they imbue with power and beauty and magnificence, something beyond ourselves and we so need that. Life is a rehearsal, an improv…Life will have given me the truth and given me an exchange, what’s left of my youth…And through introspection and examination of my mind, I feel as though I’m coming closer to the common denominator of what it means to be human…Do it differently. Hit’em with an attitude, a look or a word. Figure out a way to do it that has never been done before. Get people to stop chewing. Truth will do that.”      ~ Marlon Brando
“What if good, righteous, powerful Superheroes were real and truly existed in today’s world? They would not serve world leaders. They would be at War with them!”     ~ TSC
 Some of the best moments from my Science-Faction stories. From Citizen Cal:
       “How about you tell ma who Caladrian really was? I know every thought in your head, father. He wasn’t a Separatist, their leader. He was their DESTROYER! War Marshall Trey Caladrian, your father, set fire to how many thousands of Separatists who dared rebel and fight against the United Federation?! Avalon paid for. Nice cozy home for the children of a monster!” Their child screamed with 100% authority and power: “My name is Caladrian! Slayer of all who oppose the Federation!”
       “What kind of game is this, Sam? There’s no war. There’s no Federation anymore.”
       “And there won’t be a Republic after I get done with it. Do you know the Calkan story of Nemesis? She destroyed everything evil, wrong and corrupt. I am Nemesis!” The deranged boy, drunk on twisted truths, continued: “You didn’t tell me, father! You didn’t tell me our family brought Hell to Nirvana! Our bloodline changed protons to electrons and planted the First Seed of Evil in a Shasheeran Garden. We destroyed our own sweet Spirits on the 5th planet, shattered them to the far universe! WE did that and cannot hide the truth anymore, El. We have to take responsibility for our actions, don’t you think so, my father? Or…maybe they were…YOUR actions?”
From Men of Steel:
       “NO greetings, pleasantries for your father’s greatest admirer, son of El? It’s marvelous to see you. You look glorious. Fantastic. Check your feelings, Kal-El. We genuinely care about you.” The three outlaws smiled, even the stupid one.
       “Liar and proponent of madness! You only care about your people and what I carry in my cells. You want to dispose of me right after extraction, do you not Zod?”
       The General calmed himself as Kal slowly raged. He closed his eyes as his comrades stood still. “Do you not also care about your people? We cannot understand this, son.” The Supreme General actually got on his knees.
       Superman was angrier. “Don’t call me that.”
       General’s tranquil words were as slippery as any snake. “Do you not have the capability to sacrifice yourself for our people, Kal? Extraction of your cells, the essence of so many gods made real, freed to live in the universe, my boy…will leave you dead, yes? You know this. Your part, laid out by your father since you were sent here, has always been to fulfill your destiny, Kal. That means…your destruction. It was Jor-El’s plan. We are his hands, son. Fate. And you continue to wonder, that what? It’s better to destroy the World Motor and save Earthlings?”
       Was Zod right the entire time? Did a Kryptonian life mean far more than an Earthly life? Should and could he destroy the Earth so his people lived? Was it fate? Would his father have chosen to save the gods or the basic, military-minded cave people on the primitive planet? 
       Son of Jor-El received his final answer. He knew. He could not smile under the burden of the decision to destroy the collective consciousness and therefore the many individual Spirits of his father’s world. He pointed at the Sun. “See that, Zod. Maybe that’s my Father? Maybe it, only now, suggested a resolution to…to everything? Ha. Look at the Sun,” Kal commanded.  
       Zod looked directly into the brightness.
       “It’s yellow. This Solar System is a young world, a vibrant, energetic, new one! Krypton’s red sun was very old and dying anyway. We HAD our time and lived well. We had to leave.” 
       “What a total disappointment you must be to your father. And your mother.”
       Those were fighting words on any planet.
From Three:
       Two Centipedes from Outerzone Academy were together at last and alone. There were no reasons for fake appearances anymore. Each saw the other yellow-grey, insectoid Bug for what they truly were. Masks dissolved. The Mugwumps, the real couple, male and female lovers, finally had a chance to communicate. But first they drank the delicacy of their ‘jism’ through each other’s slick head-tubers that dripped with sweet, intoxicating, yellow cum…
From Violet:
[hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor]…
     “I’ve decided what to do, which course to choose. We do not know how it will play in this reality, at this present time. I’ve chosen the hard Road to Peace. I’ve chosen…to NOT FIGHT in the ‘European Conflict.’ European Conflict, my ass. It’s a goddamn War! I don’t like what I’m finding out about it, Mr. Vega. Like, who’s really in command and running the show?”
       Shown on the screen was a montage of televised news broadcasts from the 1960s. The Detective (James Dean) was amazed at new designs for war weapons, missiles, vehicles, jet aircraft, etc. that were employed in a country called Vietnam. The color images mesmerized him.    
     (JFK as FDR spoke again): “Twenty years in the future, one of the time-lines I know showed an old U.S. President named John Kennedy that also had an important decision to make between right and wrong and between war escalation and the ways of simple peace and love. He chose peace, integrity, honesty, fairness, liberty, freedom, human rights and was much like Abe Lincoln…” FDR smiled with tears.
       “Let me guess what happened to him. They killed’m.” 
       “You’re good. Would you like to see the death of Jesus Christ?”
       “You have his death on film, sir?”
       “Yes, but it’s not a good copy…” The President pushed the worst button of the ones with tabs. The TV displayed in color a large city in utter ruin as if a monstrous force, wind, fire or ‘Hand of God’ swept through and toppled buildings for many miles in every direction! “One bomb did that damage. Our country did that to another country, Chris. We burned innocent women and children in an instantaneous flash of fire. Then we did it again and we didn’t have to do it at all, God. I…” Roosevelt inhaled and exhaled a big breath. “…I don’t want that to happen here…” (The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was two hours away).
       Teran cinema, through television signals, had also been beamed out into the galaxy at light-speed. Unimaginable numbers of alien and humanoid life forms were aware of the Earthly ‘theatre’ when one considered other Earths and infinite parallel worlds!  Marilyn Monroe  James Dean  Marlon Brando  Bettie Page  Sylvester Stallone …And other famous, legendary ‘stars’ were also famous and legendary across astronomical numbers of solar systems.  
       Archons and many omnipresent ‘lesser Archons’ (minions) had abducted Earthlings through time for a wide range of purposes. The very famous celebrity-icons were FOR SALE to the ultimate Movers and Shakers: such was real Power in the Universe. One problem was DNA supplies of the specimens ran out and could not meet universal demands for the bio-products…
       Jim moved closer to his dream girl and smiled again. He tilted his head and bizarrely stared. He suddenly recognized her as if for the very first time. He slapped his knee. 
       Mary twisted her head and raised her blonde eyebrows. “What?”
       “Mar-i-lyn Mon-roe!” Jim semi-screamed as a ‘Misfit’ who only now put the pieces together. Love was blind.
       She laughed and replied with a big blown kiss. “In the flesh. Well, one of them anyway.” She shimmied her top and her breasts swayed from side to side inside the silver suit.
From Kill-Squad:
       “Who are you? God?” The trio seemed to ask the humanoid that shimmered in bright light and love. 
       “That’s a three-letter word. Ha.” He laughed more. “I’m the terrible Demon, ha. The world’s worst Nightmare! Or am…from a certain point of view. I’m Truth.” He smiled big.
From To Kill a Clone:
       The second Raisy Didley, still in royal attire of Princess Tammerlake with chopped hair, held onto the ‘bloody’ light-saber and it suddenly came on and changed to the brilliant color BLUE. She remembered all the sacrifices she was asked to perform for the Blue Blood Company and a variety of corrupted, debauched Industries. She remembered all the murders she was asked to perform for the Blue Blood Company and a variety of corrupted, debauched Industries! Memories flooded back to her as if she used the ‘Energy’ flow in the ‘Warstar’ films. No one placed a light-saber up to her head. She was given the rare ‘golden’ opportunity for fame and fortune and she made the most of it. Her choice. “May the Energy be with you.”
       The strong girl got charged and flailed the weapon, no longer a Cutting-Tool, again and again, in wider and wider lengths from her body…‘whooomb,’ ‘whooomb,’ ‘whooomb’… Until the bright blue beam sliced her clone evenly into a few pieces! Blood shot out at different angles, very much unlike what was portrayed in the ‘Warstar’ films. The pieces fell straight down and slapped against the hard floor in the darkened hallway.
From Hoagy’s Head:
       “…The Industry came to a complete halt! They stopped producing other peoples’ music and only, I mean ONLY produced, distributed and promoted MINE! Manilow didn’t write the music; I did, all of it. I wrote his music and Dylan’s music and the Beatles, all of it. That’s the Big Secret…I didn’t do it for them or money or fame or chicks or kicks. I did it for the love of music, man. I remember the smell of jazz bars and intimate clubs by night. Where was I by day? I was a cool cat working my fingers to the bone, pounding away at the 88s for the Man, smoking 2 packs a day, endless coffee. And I loved it. I didn’t mind others got famous for my ‘Light my Fire’ or ‘Norwegian Wood’ or ‘Space Oddity’ or ‘I’ll be Watching You’ or ‘Thor’s Nail’ or ‘Running Up That Hill’ or ‘Hello it’s Me…’”
       “God, I’m blanking. What rhymes with June?”
[Additional note:  Look up Theodor Adorno, the British Tavistock Institute and musical relationship with the Beatles and the entire ‘60s Peace Movement. ‘The Day the Music’ died was when Theo died (August 6, 1969) and, suddenly, the Beatles were no more~].
From Godzilla’s Son:
       Of all the fucking people. No. The one the Self-Defense Forces imported from America and sat at the other end of the long, wooden table. It was none other than Perry’s usual opposition that eternally lost a ‘perfect’ case in the eleventh hour by a surprise confession: the intrepid Hamilton Burger. Unbelievable. No. The other one they brought in from the States and sat next to him: old Lt. Arthur Trask. Both of them grinned and nodded to Perry.
       For the big “Trial of the Century” and first against an articulate, 2-legged Lizard, Mason had Paul Drake in the back of the courtroom and the beautiful Della Street next to him at the table. Cermit also sat on the Defense side. The green little guy was nervous and extremely concerned of his own council even with the American’s immaculate record.
       Cermit scratched his head. He was befuddled. He whispered to Mason: “Who hired you? Do you know what you’re fucking doing? Why are you calling these people? How does this defend me? How about prove that one of them did it? That would help me.”
       Mason only smiled with 100% confidence. His teeth shined. “It always works out for me, Frog. You’ll see.” He looked over at Paul. “Good. I’ll take that.” Mason grabbed the folder.  
       Cermit was cynical. “Yeah. Your PI knows who did it.” The Lizard was more worried.
       When Paul Drake retracted his hand, he said his first words to Cermit and winked at him: “Hey, big guy.”   
       “You kidding me?” the Lizard asked in a daze. He got to hate these people.
       Cermit Caagliapoid, the accused Lizard, knew what was going to happen in the courtroom. He also was aware of a strange phenomenon that was about to ‘strike the heart of the city’ that absolutely no one knew of [except two others] and would completely ‘turn the tables.’ In a deep voice, Cermit uttered, “Loser. All of you pink skins are! You deserve what’s going to happen to you.” Rage was in his yellow eyes and dark soul. Was he the reincarnation of his father?
       The great Perry Mason LOST! Perry collapsed down into his chair and slumped forward. His thoughts were: I should have kept my old name and went into comedy. There goes my future acting career. 
From Truth About Tribbles:
       Tribbles were always a Klingon ‘war weapon’ from the very beginning…Tribbles were part Klingon! They were violent, hateful, war-obsessed, disorganized Klingons boiled down to one drop of furry goodness. It was the only mutated cell or part of any normal killer Klingon that was good, clean and pure.
From Lost Sex Life of Vulcans:
       Should occult elders reveal incredible truths to the rest of their people, which would change all of known history? Who could believe what the Texts recorded from a hundred thousand years earlier in Vulcan history? Surak would never be seen the same ever again! Would Vulcan administrators and officials embrace a new, divergent view of history and accept the fatal flaws of previous perceptions and teachings? Does logic dictate that a very different history now be taught? Shall the elders expose their own secret existence as well as multiple “blasphemies” within the Nostik Texts [Vulcan Da Vinci Code]…or not?
       Over time, Vulcan culture transitioned to its diametric opposite from what it was in the very beginning…They were once the most loving and sexiest race in the galaxy. Without hearts, they expressed dramatic emotions in poems, plays, songs and of course were demonstrated by frequent, intimate, physical love between men and women. No lifeform was ever more passionate than early Vulcans who possessed considerably longer and thinner ears. Hairstyles and clothing were incredibly varied and colorful, the latest in styles that emphasized the individual artists and wonderful Children of the Gods.
       But everything from the past was wiped away, lost and forgotten. “Time of Awakening” was supposedly when Surak’s teachings reached a grand peak with an “Order” or organized institutions that harmonized endless conflicts from yesterday into a single philosophy and logical path to follow in the future…
       “Time of Awakening” was not the divine epiphany of the First Order that created the rituals and religions and made dark chaos manageable. TOA was, instead, horrors of unspeakable destruction and atomic fires and the end of freedoms and individuality and all of the beauty and magnificence of what had come before…
From Dream Screens: an erotic thriller:
       They celebrated in Rose Loomis’ room and in the famous bed she was sprawled out in ‘Niagara,’ naked as a jaybird. The married couple drank champagne for the first time. It was MM’s favorite drink. Jean Peters got really drunk. Clothes came off. When she looked over to her husband, she saw a man who sucked a perfect titty, Rose Loomis’ teat. The intoxicated brunette with bright blue eyes was always ‘on the fence’ when it came to lesbianism. Marilyn Monroe pushed her over…
       George had wicked thoughts again or were they wonderful? He hardened up inside his pants. “I would rather you programmed ‘Galaxina.’”
       “Ha. I know exactly what you mean, friend. Dorothy Stratten, your very own, personal robot, sex-slave and you’re the Captain. Like Six on ‘Tripping the Rift,’ right?” Gary was cool.  
       “Yeah.” George dreamed. He knew Six. Oh, my God. Virtual women, pointy-eared elves in all colors! Cowboy Bebop gals at the same time! Alien women with three breasts. Would one massive uni-boob work? Avatar girls? Not to mention, Susan Sarandon and Brooke Shields…on a Blue Lagoon? Maybe they’d colorize skin and hair to look ALIEN? Oh! I could save Sigourney Weaver or Julie Adams in ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon.’ Be swell to fuck 6, the Cylon, then fuck 7, the Borg. Or the Borg and T-Pol and Dax? Retirement was fun.
       “Wait. Did I hear you have ‘Delinquent Schoolgirls’ ready to go on Dream Screens?”
From For the Love of Skittles:
       One after another (only a few red ones were left), Tim downed the Skittles. Nothing happened to him, no initial pain. Only sweetness.
       The grey alien backed away a bit and covered her small mouth. She thought he’d explode. The cute, little monster of a creature, now more like a mystified child, never saw multiple doses by one being before. She asked in innocence and with larger eyes, “They don’t work on you?”  
       “No. I’m already stupid.” Tim chewed a bunch of them and smiled a very wide smile. He tossed the last one down to her.
       She almost died of happiness right there. “AH!” The potent drug immediately entered her system through the sensitive fingertips. “It’s a RED! I never had a Red.” The excited, elated, overjoyed Grey gobbled up the nodule like there was ‘no tomorrow.’
From Readings from a Witch:
       Beautiful Julie Barnes, hippie-chick, often barefoot and always in blue jeans…disappeared into thin air! The Ghost was gone. 
       The ultimate battle commenced between Madam Vida, the mystic old gal (who was in reality the ancient King of Uruk) and his/her direct opposition, the insane Enkidu. The problem was the insane Enkidu resided either inside Lincoln Hayes or within the body of Pete Cochran. 
Which one?
From Sherlock Holmes Discovers Jack the Ripper’s Identity:
       Holmes’ trusted friend drank the rest of the goblet of brandy.
       “I used H. G. Wells’ Time Machine and went into the future.” Holmes stared directly at Watson. A long silence.
       “…The future, Watson, will be wild goose chases and Judas Goats thrust upon the masses with such intensity, even in the 21st Century…it will make the Roman Empire pale in comparison.”
       Watson was shocked at the unexpected words and stood still. “Wot?” 
       “In the future, what will be called ‘entertainment,’ on a global scale, will actually be brainwashing and propaganda. The Monarchy’s fascism was more ruthless and invisible than ever. In the time I was there, I reviewed records of great wars…well. Super Weapons! Your worst nightmares, John, would be NOTHING compared to what things are coming in future…”
       “Bloody hell.”
       “Yes. Hell on Earth, a real horror-show tomorrow. Sadly, H.G.’s future utopia did not happen. His Time Machine sure showed him that.”
       “What convinced you, Holmes?”
       “It was the Alice movie from 1933, when I viewed passed super visions that my eyes barely believed of changing sizes and proportions and other wonders and heard the tale of…the ‘Walrus and the Carpenter.’ I observed moving drawings that fascinated me to no end, like I was a boy again. But behind my joyous glee, my muse told me the awful truth in what my eyes beheld…”
From Before Shasheer:
       If Egyptians and Incas were the survivors of Atlantis (Plato), could the Atlanteans have come from Mars when you consider the awesome structures at CYDONIA, Face and 5-sided Pyramid, tholis, compared to Giza? If we are “displaced Martians,” then where did the Martians, (who may have destroyed 5th Planet into asteroids) originate from? Could brightest star Sirius, the “Dog Star,” be the answer? Maybe we should ask the ancient Dogon tribe who believe their ancestors came from Sirius. They revere Sirius. They knew it was a double-star centuries before our astronomers did. They also knew of Sirius’ complex satellite system that astronomers did not know until centuries later. Was the ‘Mali’ tribe contacted by visitors from the Sirius sun? Did humans from Sirius colonize Mars long ago? Did they flee to Earth or Tera? Are we them?
From Venusian Zoo:
       Lady El asked Nix, ~ You described us as zookeepers. Surely this is a gross exaggeration. We do not cage Terans; we protect them. We do not kidnap them and experiment on them… ~  
       Radion interrupted, ~ No, m’Lady. The loving people of our planet, your Humans, allow Earthlings to believe our world is much too hot and volcanic to support life. We support lies, myths and think it right to not block their ignorant training and devolution. We allow witchdoctor teachings and lies to be fought over on Tera, rather than proper education which would lead to intelligent and positive decisions and to truths ~
       Lady El added ~ And Terans study gorillas in the wild. Is that your point, Nix? How can we allow a similar in appearance specie fall to depravity, organized violence and endless wars in our midst? ~
       ~ The High Councilor has revealed how she and many of you regard our nearest sisters and brothers in space. Those who she and most of you would rather not concern yourselves with, are far less than retarded children to you. They are helpless animals and we are zookeepers of the asylum ~
          Crystal caverns of Retz shook from fluorite floors to calcite ceilings. Was the Advocate correct and the Council of Planets incorrect on the issue of Terans? The other Venusians were in sheer disbelief of the proceedings and mental banter.
       Nix continued with passion in his thoughts: ~ We MUST intervene, openly, directly and immediately! We are not superior human beings. We are failures at loving and caring and do not practice what we preach and sing. We call ourselves Humans and them Terans, when we are all HUMANS. Our tribe is merely older than these displaced, lost Martians. We are the same! Je suis Tera! ~
       Prime Senator asked, “What’s the answer, gentleman?” Crowley played his hand too soon (to Greystone) and offered, “A Republic.”
       “A Republic?” a few echoed.
       “You mean a council of dictators and slave masters?” Senator King questioned quickly.    
       “Yes. An occult council, a Star Chamber, a revolving group of men who pass the torch and rule the world with an ever-changing barometer.”
       The prime Senator, with horror on his face, passed the resolution. “A Republic is the vote.”   
       The junior Senator Kennedy asked, “And if the Republic experiment proves to be a failure?”  
       Greystone sharply replied, “We’ll blame it on Plato.” (laughter).
From Aleister Crowley & ’60 Peace Movement:
       Beatles (Paul, John, George and Richard) and their entire management and handlers were utterly controlled like puppets by a horrible Demon to bring about the Aquarian Age. How could the ‘new information’ found recently on Earth be true? I was the agent sent to find out. There were millions of people back on Excelsior that anxiously waited long years for my final report. I was expected to discover the answers and after multiple ‘extractions,’ I did just that. But no one will believe my report. I needed the last piece to the grand enigma and what I found was a shock: Aleister Crowley, the Beast, made a severely dramatic turnaround and was the key architect of the ‘60s Peace Movement (through the Beatles and Tavistock Institute) during the Vietnam War. WHY? Why would Evil do that? How could a ‘man’ that motivated and taught Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler have twisted his darkness toward freedom, peace, love and light? We had to know!
From Super Bowl 49 Nexus:
       Vegas (Disney) corporate moguls, New York gamblers, London/Rome, the ‘mob,’ NSA agents and Navy officials were in place, where they annually met around this time of Earth year for almost a half century: underneath the polar icecap of the North Pole to ‘play-out’ the Super Bowl for the masses that believed what they viewed, but far more importantly:
       For Time Lords that played a simple, quick game that resulted in one particular continuum or future reality of the material world. Vital, global, geo-political decisions (wars) were also planned from the perfect, underwater location that insured secrecy with the certainty of a Faraday Chamber.
       The nuclear submarine nicknamed “Rainbow” stopped its forward motion and settled into the best underwater position for the EM transmissions. Fifty royal ‘gamers,’ 48 humans and two mega-elite “Earth-owners,” were onboard the Illuminati submarine and understood their jobs. The execution of the great illusion or “big show” was set and everything in its place on one more battlefield: the University of Phoenix’s Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  
       Within Rainbow, under the icecap, two Lizard Time Lords sat in the usual “large Chairs” or ‘radio-seats’ like chess masters. They were ten feet tall, smelly and not too attractive for Time Lords.
From The Plan:
       Bert’s eyeballs twitched behind his lashes. The gun waved in the air. I knew he was only half there because of the Mickey Finn pills I slipped into his drink minutes earlier. “Here’s an ending for you, dear friend. Both barrels! So testers at Lippert’s class actually loved my Captain John Smith as the reincarnation of Galileo, did they? And hated your radioactive Shakespeare? Really? You switched our fucking scores! I won? I woulda been fast-tracked as an actor and not been just a cheap extra? Everything was in your story. Killing my cat, Sheba. Fucking my wife! ‘Plan’ was your bloody confession. How could I not have seen what you done to me for years? You’re goddamn Rivers! Everything he does to Rand, YOU DID TO ME!”
From District of the Damned:
       “There is a third planet that has affected the twin planets in a negative way.”
       Third planet? What twin planets? Nander slowly stepped closer to his son.
       “The two who killed were attacked first, by your kind, father: one with bright eyes. It was no savage murder. They only protected themselves from what they felt within your people.”
       Vadiv, can you hear me, son? Do you know what is in my hand? 
       “What is that, father? I can’t see it clearly. Father? Father! NO!”  ><
       On the infrared planet a spectrum’s frequency away, a different scenario occurred to 69 special adults that grew to maturity very quickly. A supremely powerful EM Bomb was created, concealed and attached to the massive Monitor-Station that once housed ‘the children.’ Now the dark and dim different ones were described as: organized, mad mass-murderers whose hair and eyes and soul had changed to solid black.
From Curse of the Wereman:
       You might want to be careful who you fall in love with and bring home to meet the parents. Make sure your betrothed can handle…a small, Family Curse every full Moon.
       It was a splendid dinner of a stuffed, cool pig and a few rabbits on the side. The Lycanine servant made sure there was enough rat soup to go around for the family and their special guest of honor. Young son, Targar, brought his fiancé, Flem, home to his prestigious, dark, dank castle. The special occasion was not as awkward as proud son had thought for the ‘first meeting’ between wife-to-be and his parents: Blake and Emily Romanoff.   
From The Other One:
       “Nietzsche’s quote, Nietzsche’s quote: What is ape to man? Ah, uh…a…a laughing stock, ah, ah thing of shame, eh?” I blubbered more tears.
       He looked directly into my eyes and said, “Would I be here in my last hour on Earth with you, if you were a thing of shame? You know you’re not an ape, Ray. And I am not Superman.” 
       I went on for minutes in an unbelievable avalanche of tears, bawled like a baby, like when I had revelations long ago (Infinite Big Bangs, Tesla’s Wireless as Atlantean tech or when I tripped and saw God at sunrise). The good water spilled, but it did not matter.
       He pretended to drink. Barados, Future-me, suggested a quiet moment of meditation in the ‘Teeter Hang-Up.’
       I laughed and wiped my old wet face with a dirty shirt. I did it. I strapped in and hung upside-down for a while. Joyful tears merged into silence and stillness and calmness. Even the dogs, leaf blowers and industrial sounds gave me a frikken break. There was sweet solitude. I relaxed like a happy bat and closed my eyes. The young dude, who saw more down-the-road than I did was on the other side of my eyelids and I wasted precious time? I undid the fastener, got upright and was in a much better mood to talk to me.
From Day the Earth Moved:
       Vort stared at the high, bleak ceiling and sadly voiced the words: “Let me see, Cal-2 is dead and gone. I have estimated that approximately less than a minute remains before an insane Lizard Prince pulls a lever or pushes a button on a goddamn machine my Maker believed would save his world. Instead, the little monster will turn Earth into a lifeless cinder! This can’t be your dream, my friend; this is your nightmare.”
       ~CLICK~ Vort immediately rose from the table and turned toward the sound of the ‘click.’ The shiny mechanism thought he was alone and everything that his pilot loved was gone. What was this?
       “Come, let me show you. It’s time for you to see this. The end of Earth. It’s destruction, yes? Yes. I can’t wait,” Zef said with glee. The Lizard Prince was happy, thrilled.
       The 7½ foot tall silvery ‘surfer’ of hyperspace was disgusted at the creature. What the hell was wrong with the fucking kid? Why would I want to see a dead ball that was once so beautiful? How could I take joy in…?
From Cutters!  
       What if you were part of a lost colony on Jupiter’s frozen-ocean moon, Europa, and the ICE MELTED? Plus Cutters! Giant eels with no eyes, now unfrozen, cut through the surface ice like Sandworms! There’s no land & your world quickly turned into a ball of water…
       Money was the first to pose a question. He asked, “I am more cynical than Tiger. Summer, how do you explain a behemoth of a creature that has enough mass and force to crack the ice crust, yet, no sonar has ever returned a ‘click’ from any living thing or independent, large mass in our ocean?”
       I’ve had trouble with Money before…
       The end was near.
       Whole sections of icescape on the horizon were gone. Only islands. Soon there would not be any solid surface. The inner ocean of Tier under the crust had risen. The Snow-Kat sped along an ice plate island on top of a vast, warm ocean. Lucky for us, it was the plate with our dome. We made it home, thank God.
From Galileo Saved the Life of Capt. John Smith:
       The Chief seemed mesmerized by the machine. The warriors bowed in reverence to the little magnet that they did not understand.  
       “This is not white magic. It is an instrument, like your bow.” The Captain pantomimed: ‘bow and arrow.’ 
       Maybe the device was holy and magical? Indian war cries turned into laughter and sheer delight. A few of the warriors placed it in their hands, when initially they were afraid to touch it. Captain John realized the small mechanism charmed the ‘savage beasts.’
       Smith tied the compass around the Chief’s big neck and presented it as a royal ‘gift.’ In one stroke, the modern age was introduced to very willing-to-learn students. Imagine if the native children with muscles had seen a sundial, a sextant, a telescope, a pendulum, lock and key, mirrors, a music box or heard a ticking watch? 
       Pocahontas, inadvertently, saved the Captain’s life and the lives of his men with a single gesture. They went from being dinner for cannibals to being asked to stay for dinner as honored guests. 
       The men from the east were regarded as very special. Gods of sky and sea must have favored them and granted them dominion over natural elements and magical-sciences.
TS Caladan is not self-published. He is a researcher, author and former Simpsons background artist. Beautiful, original, animation-cel paintings are on his covers. He has written the TRAYLOGY: 2 novels (‘The Continuum,’ ‘Son of Zog’) & a prequel called: ‘The Cydonian War’ or his conclusions of a Martian origin for the human race~
Caladan’s books and EBOOKS can be purchased through TWB Press. Or you can buy personally-signed copies, logged and numbered like art prints from author. Contact Tray:
I’m proud to present the two-volume ‘Caladanthology’ called: ‘Science-Faction.’
41 stories ~ the collection is some of my best work.    ~TSC



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