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WATCH: Mysterious alien river discovered in Saudi Arabia’s biggest desert

SHOCKING footage reveals a bizarre ice river uncovered in the middle of the world’s largest sand desert. Frozen water and pebbles have been found flowing through through Saudi Arabia’s deserted Rub’ al Khali – or “Empty Quarter”. Excited Saudis reach down and pick up ice balls from the fast-flowing stream in the video – which has gone viral. The extremely … Continue reading

Russia Warns Of Global Chaos As Mini Ice Age Winter Arrives

The upcoming winter could be the vilest winter that happened in ages. It is believed that a mini ice age is about to occur worldwide. A report from the Kremlin warns that there is a strong likelihood of global chaos because of this. Unfortunately for the Western peoples, however, in regards to the catastrophic winter dangers to come, this report … Continue reading

Mt Etna Erupts with Fire & Lightning In Sicily Ejecting Lava 1Km Into Air

After almost two years of quiescence, Mount Etna erupted this past Thursday with a spectacular display of lava and volcanic ash. Southern Italy woke up to ashen sky and a red glow above Sicily coming from Mt. Etna on the eastern edge of the island. The active volcano produced one of the most violent eruptions in recent decades and lasted in … Continue reading

Here’s What Can Trigger Mega Earthquakes

British scientists plan to obtain a sample of mantle which is located between the crust and core of our planet. This type of venture was never done before and it could trigger a massive earthquake. Scientists from Cardiff University are behind the mission, which hopes to bring the first-ever samples of mantle – the rocky substance that makes up most … Continue reading

VIDEO: NASA releases heat map of warming Earth

NASA has released a visualization showing our planet’s warming temperature since 1880. The map starts out mostly blue, changes towards yellow in the 1930’s, and cools a bit in the 50’s and 60’s. As the 1970’s move into the 80’s, the map quickly changes yellow, then spikes towards dark orange hues up to today. Researchers say it will become harder … Continue reading

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