Doug Yurchey’s Dream

by TS Caladan

On July 3, 2011, only secret elites that ran the planet Earth through Swiss bank accounts knew that an astonishing discovery was now confirmed by the most ridged standards. The long sought ‘Ley Lines’ of ancient lore as well as modern electronic detection have finally been proven and mapped over the entire globe. Extremely fine detection of electro-magnetism or concentrated energy lines (locations) had just recently been perfected by Swiss scientists, Ari Steiner and Rudolf Mikaelson. Their EM mapping techniques had begun in 2009 with a tech team of about 2000 ‘volunteers’ and unlimited funds.

Nothing previously had ever been attempted on such a worldwide scale. Super EMF meters that measured electro-magnetic fields or radiation flux density (RFD) were magnified ten thousand times greater than before! Researchers were able to mass-scan the entire Earth and take an accurate, highly sensitive, EM reading for every 33 feet of square land. Over mountains, hills, plateaus and plains charged grid-readings were registered and logged. Two years later, their definite, sharp, clear findings were realized and kept hidden. Should the Swiss scientists go forward with the big news that would, at last, resolve the whole issue of LEY LINES…or not? Could they?

To scientists in-the-know and those ‘Eyes in the Skies,’ the news was massive! Elites checked with Time Machines and aliens on: What to do?Steiner/Mikaelson’s discovery was not foreseen and was a mystery itself as to why this [“accident”] had occurred?

      Countless times in the past, Movers and Shakers, true Directors of the planet, have suppressed great innovations, colossal ‘quantum leaps’ of knowledge and tech for Humankind and kept for themselves.There were two universes: Fascist elites who were themselves ‘puppets’ of aliens and dark forces, and, huge numbers of the general public not-in-the-know. Elites fully and secretly utilized alien technology and other tremendous discoveries while they have trapped the masses in literal primitiveness. Water Engines, Free-Energy Motors and mega-Machines, saucer travel, anti-gravity, weather-control, etc. and other Tesla creations were developed and misused by ‘them’ while completely unknown to ‘us.’

A campaign was set to Media-blitz the world. All the NWO Illuminati had to do was give ‘thumbs up’ to publicizing final conclusions of the θ Mapping Project…and this world and others would have the first pieces or ‘breadcrumbs’ that would lead to an incredible, historical truth. It was a truth the Elites of Earth and beyond had known and were not about to reveal to the masses. For thousands of years, ‘Aristocrats,’ madmen with power, in one form or another, had always masked the truth and discolored it for everyone else. ‘They’ were not about to expose the truth in 2011, no matter how prestigious and credited the discoverers or significant the find. Steiner and Mikaelson popped open no champagne bottles and were without celebrations. There was not going to be a Nobel Prize or money or fame or notoriety at all for the acclaimed gentlemen from Inner Circles. No one was going to know.

       A little history~

Ancient Grid-Lines, electrical/magnetic Ley Lines have long been known to exist over the entire planet. It’s the energy that moves a compass needle and the EM energy that Nikola Tesla MAGNIFIED and attempted to give the Earth an amazing Source of Wireless Energy a hundred years ago! Many prehistoric, but very advanced cultures of Incas, Egyptians and other Indians fully utilized the wonders of concentrated, amplified or ‘tapped’ electro-magnetism with World Grids of their own. The wireless power-stations covered the globe in a pattern, sites that were magnetic. Numerous cycles over time of hi-tech, super Empires beyond belief were the ancient Truths those in-the-know would not reveal…

What were the components of the World Grid? For ages, the question had been bantered about in the highest of Inner Circles and lower ones. Were the prehistoric grids of Karl Munck or Bruce Cathie true? What was true? Where were the actual Grid-Lines, precisely? How many Power Stations and sub-stations were there? What ghostly traces of fantastic, magnetic metropolises and electric utopias remained behind?

Could Ley Lines be absolutely visualized, identified and confirmed? Can we see them or made to see them? This was the goal of the two-year, secret Theta Project now that reliable EMF Meters showed us the strongest and exact Lines over the whole planet. There were no more arguments or questions on Munck’s, Cathie’s or IF a hundred other theorized world grids were the real and true one or ones (rebuilt).

Now THEY knew for sure and had visual proof, but we did not know or have a clue of the Grid’s significance: what it meant as far as our true history on this planet~

The two Swiss scientists, head of “Project θ” or simply “Theta,” found a portable way to take large, heavy and heavily-charged equipment out into the field, safely. Nicknamed “Divining Rods,” these ‘dipoles on a stick’ functioned as ultra-sensitive ‘tranceivers’ which not only got exact mass-EM scans from far distances in grid-patterns of 33 square feet, the handy devices also radioed the ‘range-readings’ that machines in every major city recorded.


The first year of Theta was spent on the process to visualize EM range-readings on screens. If they were high, images were shown on screens in bright lights. If readings were low, nothing appeared. Coordinated, federal mega-computers tallied the precise positions of every high RFD. Flux-density positions were brightly lit as yellow dots and numbered a total of 794,000 after every surface area was scanned. Locations that contained many thousands of high readings were bunched together in a Red Star symbol when all the 794,000 RFDs were plotted on a world map.


The second year of study after EM Mapping was analysis of the data and, of course, the potential, large Media-blitz campaign and Big Question: Were we really going to inform the good people of Earth about the PATTERN to all the points, show them the Map and finally, publically, reveal the truth of Atlantis/Tesla/Pyramids and the real history of human beings?

       Readings could only be taken over land. The dipole Divining Rods were inoperable on a boat, plane or in water. They needed a ground contact: a person with feet firmly planted on the ground. Only land range-readings visualized the bright RFD points on screens.

Elites from the Vatican to the Parliament to the Pentagon were alerted and no way were the Swiss ever going to go public with 794,000 little, yellow dots and what they represented…

Then a bizarre thing happened on a foggy, July evening in London. Orders ‘came down the pike’ and a total reversal was dictated. The ‘world’ in 2011 willknow the high EM locations on the globe and what they meant. Mass Media campaigns will go forward. Steiner and Mikaelson will win the Noble Prize for their great discovery that changes all known History and totally blows Darwin’s Evolution apart! Two scientists, genuinely, on their own, have discovered:

Twelve prehistoric sites that include the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island and nine others fit a perfect Grid Pattern around Earth. The ‘Cradles of Civilization,’ each a major mystery, ARE CONNECTED! They functioned as one electro-magnetic power network or World Grid.

One more shocker happened to the Movers and Shakers that directed the ‘world.’ Directives trickled down from High Sources. New Orders. The only reason the results, the yellow dots, the campaigns over Media outlets and networks and Nobel were green-lighted by the secret State in the first place, was…

Philosopher mystics and wizards in other dimensions…on the matter of the ancient Grid of 12, wondered: WHY? Why did an unscheduled, unseen, temporal anomaly of visualized RFDs occur when no psychic or alien or T-Machine saw it happen in our time-line? ‘They’ simply wondered why? Did one surprise provoke the other surprise?

BUT EVERYTHING WAS DIFFERENT. S&M and their incredible, unique conclusions and the Media-blitz were suddenly Red-Lighted, halted, all because…

…Only now, the Elites discovered a disturbing fact, other ‘breadcrumbs.’ New directives were the old directives. The secret Theta Project would certainly NOT go public. All data banks, from large files down to the smallest micro-gig of ANYTHING that had to do with θ were wiped clean by electro-magnetic erasures like smart, digital EMPs. Theta and conclusions were gone.


       As far as Steiner and Mikaelson were concerned, the digital EMPs did not delete some systems that were magnetic. Those public channel-networks survived, but there weren’t many…

‘Reputable’ sources or hierarchal Elite were in a tiny bit of a social bind, now. Enormous importance was placed on the occasion, at the potential moment, to also these small, public channels that were not magnetically wiped. Some great, scientific breakthrough or titanic achievement had to be conjured up fast. Steiner and Mikaelson must invent or do something. They could not be disposed of as was the original plan (if red-lighted).

Quickly the ownership of a real Super-Invention, in the works, was ripped away from the actual inventors and given to Ari and Rudolf. The public believed Media when they performed another deception for a global audience…

“Mikaelson and Steiner, Swiss geniuses, ‘perfecters’ of a new, and I stress SAFER, ‘Fail-Safe’ design for a much larger Hydrogen Collider…has freelygiven the Design to the World Council in Geneva, without any thoughts of compensation. Do you understand, ladies and gentleman? We can make a safer world. In the near future, we can completely shut down and dismantle the CERN Collider. Its many problems are too numerous to explain and also very well-known. Thank you, dear sirs…for this kind and gracious gesture. You may have insured the survival of humanity with the production of energy we need for the rest of the 21st Century. For this and much more, we at the Council present you with the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.” [applause].

Why? Why did the New World Order change once again, back to the extremely old (Medieval) policy of Never Give Power Away? Hide the truth, as before?

The truth was the Elites found online:

“Iron Pillar of Delhi Comes Under Arch Lights,” a news item announcement in ‘Times of India,’ dated February, 28, 2009. The ‘breadcrumb’ led to more ‘crumbs’ and paths where Elites followed trails that had escaped them previously. THEY read more of the news item. It concerned the ancient, magnetic, rust-less Pillar in New Delhi, India. They read more…

       The road led to an intriguing theory that the ‘vimana’ disk-crafts described in prehistoric Books of India, commonly known as “flying carpets,” were electrically and wirelessly powered by the Iron Pillar similar to how a Tesla Coil functioned~

One more ‘breadcrumb’ was found in a YouTube from a 2009 film. It was part of an Italian documentary viewed by 9 million people. He also included what was on the Cutting Room floor, most of the video interview. He wrote on the YT:

Doug Yurchey, Delhi Pillar, World Grid. After more than four years to track down…out of complete obscurity is my part in the Italian documentary WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS! National Geographic filmmaker Diego D’Innocenzo read on World-Mysteries what I wrote about the odd New Delhi, rust-less / magnetic Iron Pillar. He flew from Rome to LA just to film my small part for his documentary.”  Here it is…

With the mention of “WORLD GRID,” ‘Eyes’ and other interested parties became slightly interested. How did this guy get the information? One more steppingstone brought ‘them’ to a very recent YT video for Russian TV of Yurchey’s theories and what he called “Atlantis” or the “Atlantean World Grid.”They were THIRTEEN GRID LOCATIONS OF ATLANTIS: one prime (sunken) Power Station in the Atlantic Ocean area and 12 electrical sub-stations, perfectly spaced around the planet in a global GRID.

Take a look at the Radiation Flux Density, yellow dots that got the Big Movers all shook up. Recorded Ley Lines of the planet were measured and marked accurately and they happened to correspond to the Ley Lines of his 13-Point map. He even made the important Tesla Connection!

This guy (TS Caladan) has been saying this since 1974~ an ‘alien contactee,’ GIVEN the information through his psychic wife who channeled the 13-POINT (not 12) MAP in 1974. His Grid was published in various magazines over decades; posted on the Internet, YouTubes; he’s been on national radio shows like “Coast2Coast” and has lectured on the subject of ‘Atlantis and Tesla.’ Yurchey explains how Nikola Tesla answered many mysteries and big questions of the ancient world and our Genesis. Also answered was the future? Doug understood that electro-magnetic Power of the ancients or Pyramid Power was, essentially, the same as what Tesla utilized and achieved at Wardenclyffe, New York in 1900 (that the world was cheated out of).

[See Doug’s or TS Caladan’s “Son of Tesla”].

Over decades, Yurchey found all 13 stations, every component in what was probably an Atlantean EM Network…rebuilt to lesser degrees by later, inferior civilizations (still great).

Best researchers/explorers were completely unaware of last 4 positions back in 1974~

Certainly no awards or accolades were going to be tossed to someone who wasn’t ‘one of their boys’ and controlled and ‘in their pocket.’ Doug Yurchey and his ideas of past and future remain an unknown obscurity to this day…

Universities and their Anthropology courses still preached Darwinism. Nothing’s changed.

If we believe we are animals or originated from animals, then we will behave like animals.”

We continue blind, deaf and dumb to the idea that EM nodes or Ley Lines exist and unite the ancient sites and us. Early cultures were connected, which creates a much, much more intense Mystery! We do not know how important Tesla’s Magnetic Technology will be for our future and how this Superman’s work solved big unknowns of the past. 13-Point (unlucky) Grid were ‘Cradles of Civilization.’ Secret is: We’re connected as one human race. We are all one people~

Then he woke up…


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