Record Cold Mornings, Frost on the Plain in Russia

While the MSM is sure to tell you about the record heat in Mexico, and parts of the US, there is virtually no mention of the unusual cold that some states in the US and parts of Canada is once again experiencing in yet another year. But the cold is not just in North America.

via IceAgeNow:

In Moscow, on the calendar is June, but there is no summer heat

Record cold mornings in the Center of Russia 

The past night in most of the European territory was cold, the average daily air temperature was 2-4 degrees below the climatic norm. Above the central regions the average daily value lagged behind the perennial by 6 degrees.

Record low temperatures for June 6 were set in Tula +4.7, half a degree below the previous +5.2 set in 2008.

In Orel, the air cooled to +3.6°C, compared to the 1962 temperature of +5°C.

In Yelets, it dropped to +4.3°C, beating the previous record of +5.0°C set in 1968.

The upcoming night in the center of Russia will be cold, which means that the record low temperatures are again possible.

In Moscow, on the calendar is June, but there is no summer heat.

The average daily air temperature in Moscow is below long-term values ​​by 3-4 degrees.

And in coming days the invasion of cool air will continue. In the early morning hours in the capital of 5..7, in the Moscow region from 3 to 8 degrees.

On Sunday, the Moscow land will be in the city around +5°C, in suburbs 1..6°C. The average daily air temperature will remain below perennial values ​​by 5-6°C.

Frosts on the Russian Plain

Arctic air last night settled over most of the European territory: from Karelia to the Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod regions, dropping to -1 ..- 2°C.

In Karelia and the Novgorod region to -1°C, in Arkhangelsk to -2°C, in Leningrad to -1°C, and on the surface of the soil to -4°C.

Last night, frosts to -1°C were observed in the Moscow, Ryazan, Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod regions, to -2°C in the Kostroma region.

On Friday night, fresh cool air will continue, dropping to -3°C in the central Murmansk region, in the south of the Komi to -2°C, in Karelia even more intense, up to -1 ..- 3°C. Frozen to -1°C will remain in the Kostroma and Volga-Vyatka regions. The next night, frosts will expand to the Middle Volga region to -2°C.

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