Spiders, Humans, & UFOs

By Staff Writer Patrick C. – April, 2016

Bohemian Grove Symbol – The tale of Minerva and Arachne (Greek for spider). It concerns a weaving contest between Minerva – also known as the goddess of the arts, needle work and weaving – and Arachne. The latter was turned into a spider after losing the contest.

“Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” the motto on the seal of the Bohemian Club, may well be alluding to the myth; the mere fact that it is accompanied by the owl, which represents Minerva (or Lilith Queen of the Demons), is significant and noteworthy (and too semiotic-ally sound as to have been a mere coincidence).

Spiders in the Sky

At 2:00 p.m. on October 22, 1973, in Sudbury, Massachusetts, a child ran into the house calling to his mother to come outside to see “the biggest spiderweb in the world.” The mother discovered in her yard a silvery-white web-like material covering bushes and hanging from the trees. As she looked toward the sky, she witnessed a shiny, silvery, spherical object moving off to the west as more of this web-like substance fell from the sky for another two hours.

The witness took samples on construction paper and placed them in a glass jar and into the refrigerator taking them to a local laboratory for examination. The material was white and translucent and diminishing rapidly. This is a microscopic photo of the substance. -reference (BRIAN BOLDMAN.NICAP, UFO Investigator, March 1974)

(NICAP, UFO Investigator, March 1974)

(NICAP, UFO Investigator, March 1974)

If you’ve ever filled out a UFO abduction questionnaire, its likely to come across questions about Spiders. Rate your fear on a scale of 1 to 10.

Spider like creatures (5ft or more in size) have been reported many times surrounding the beds during an abduction experience, or catch a glimpse of fast moving shadows, resembling spider like creatures.

Gigantic spider web falls have been reported coinciding with UFO observations. There is a connection it seems between “Angle Hair”, described as fibrous, web or silk-like substance that descends to earth, and UFOs are reported in over half of these cases.


A study Angel Hair falls recorded by month found dramatic spikes in activity in October 500% above average which decreases to just over 200% above average in November.

Commonly the UFOs are described as the classic types, such as disks, globes, and cigars. Triangle craft associated with Angle Hair falls are rare, as are “jellyfish” or “tadpole” types. There is generally no sound or odors associated with the falls.

Craft Types Associated with Angle Hair Falls

Disks 44%
Globes 29%
Cigars 14%
Others 12%

Webs inside the Human Body

Did you know every human has an Arachnoid Membrane and that we can develop Arachnoidal Cysts? The arachnoid mater is one of the three meninges, the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

Arachnoidal Cyst

Arachnoid cysts are fluid-filled sacs that occur on the arachnoid membrane that covers the brain (intracranial) and the spinal cord (spinal). There are three membranes covering these parts of the central nervous system: the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater. Arachnoid cysts appear on the arachnoid membrane, and they may also expand into the space between the pia mater and arachnoid membranes (subarachnoid space). The most common locations for intracranial arachnoid cysts are the middle fossa (near the temporal lobe), the suprasellar region (near the third ventricle) and the posterior fossa, which contains the cerebellum, pons, and medulla oblongata. -reference credit – WebMD Arachnoid Cysts

In many cases, arachnoid cysts do not cause symptoms (asymptomatic). In cases in which symptoms occur, headaches, seizures and abnormal accumulation of excessive cerebrospinal fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus) are common. The exact cause of arachnoid cysts is unknown.

The Nephilim

You may have heard the term Nephilim, perhaps from Zecharia Sitchin or from Biblical literature. But how about in relation to spiders? Image below from Russell Crowe’s Noah.


If you investigate the Golden Orb Spider – you will find its Genus Nephila. There is in fact an entire family of Spiders with 75 described species in four genera called Nephilidea.

The Madagascar golden orb spiders are almost completely blind, only vaguely able to detect changes in light. Instead of using sight, the spiders mainly use their keen sense of touch to feel vibrations on their web and quickly track down tangled prey.

How about the Spider Grandmother (Sussistanako or Tse-che-nako) who is an important creation figure in the mythology, oral traditions and folklore of many Native American cultures.

Another fact, living spiders have been found 17 miles up in Earths Atmosphere per Weather Balloon studies.

With all the connections between UFOs, Humans and Spiders .. makes you wonder what somebody knew when they coined the phrase “widow” to describe women whose husbands are deceased.



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