Mystery Object Zips by High above Earth Jan 2018

In this video by Streetcap1 we see an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) zipping by above the Earth at an unbelievable rate of speed, the footage was captured by one of NASA’s HD camera. Take a look at Streetcap1’s video and see if you have any idea what this could be. He slows it down and zooms in as well to … Continue reading

Mystery Object Appears on New Zealand Beach

A shaggy object covered from top to bottom in barnacles has washed up on Muriwai Beach in Auckland. The bizarre spectacle was photographed by local resident Melissa Doubleday who posted it up on the Muriwai & Waimauku Area Community Group Facebook page to ask for second opinions. “Just curious to know if anyone knows what this is??! Washed up on … Continue reading

U.S. Government Covered Up Crash of Mysterious Cube Shaped Object that Fell From The Sky In Sudan

August 3, 1967 – Shamal Darfur, Sudan A mysterious object plummets from the sky, slamming into the remote desert of western Sudan, approximately 60 miles north by northwest of Al Fashir. Origin- unknown The object is reported to be in the shape of a cube, weighing 3 tons. It is made up of smaller, tightly packed oblong cubes measuring one … Continue reading