The Search for Noah’s Ark | Giants & Aliens in the Book of Enoch

The Search for Noah’s Ark | Giants & Aliens in the Book of Enoch Enoch warned the Giants and the Watchers of the world. Repent or feel God’s wrath. They ignored his warning. The floodgates of Heaven burst forth and water rushed over the Earth, destroying everything. The only thing to survive is a single vessel, a huge ship: the … Continue reading

Noah’s Ark? Researchers ‘99.9 Percent Certain’ of Astonishing Biblical Find

SCIENTISTS may have discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark in what could be the biggest Biblical archaeological discovery of all time. For millennia, scientists and Christians alike have been searching for evidence the story was in fact gospel. A team of evangelical Christian explorers found what they claim is “99.9 per cent” certainly evidence of Noah’s Ark beneath snow and … Continue reading

New Study of Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Noah’s Ark Was Shaped Like A Pyramid

Noah’s ark has always been a mystery , but all this will change , after a new study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah’s Ark revealed to be shaped like a pyramid. The Dead Sea Scrolls is a collection of texts of religious and historical significance, this texts are written in Hebrew, were discovered between 1946 and 1956, from eleven … Continue reading