Mysterious Mounds: Does Bigfoot Bury Its Dead ?

“If these creature really exist and are as intelligent as some sightings have implied, then it is certainly possible that they could exhibit such behavior…” via Unexplained-Mysteries Image credit: Nisian Hughes via Getty Images The discovery of unexplained mounds in the woods of Kentucky has sparked suggestions of ‘Bigfoot graves’. Despite the number of sightings that are reported each year, … Continue reading

Top 20 Creepiest Unsolved Photo Mysteries

Prepare to be shocked. For this list, we’ll be looking at creepy, unsettling, or bizarre photos with unexplained backstories. Our countdown includes Tank Man, Grand Canyon Grim Reaper, The Babushka Lady, and more! WatchMojo YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Ghost seen by triplets feat img
Creepy Footage Shows Two-Year-Old Triplets Talking to ‘Ghost’ in their Bedroom

By Frances Mulraney via Daily Mail, UK The creepy conversation between two-year-old triplets and a ‘ghost’ in their room was captured on a baby monitor as their mother reveals the young girls claim to have seen a ‘monster’. Caitlin Nichols, 25, said she overheard her triplets Presley, Millie, and Hays screaming and arguing with each other in their Georgia home … Continue reading

Did Decades-Long Investigation Solve the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

British oceanographers have concluded a decades-long investigation into the Bermuda Triangle and finally determined what is behind the hundreds of mysterious disappearances in the region. The mysterious 700,000sqm triangle, stretching between the tip of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, and has been the center of public fascination for over 100 years, when reports first started emerging of an unusual amount … Continue reading