Bipedal Dog-Like Creature Photographed Outside Zoo

“…if it is genuine, nobody seems to be quite sure what it actually shows.” via Unexplained-Mysteries image credit: Reddit/Segu1n This controversial image allegedly shows a strange creature that was seen outside the perimeter fence of a zoo in Texas. The photograph, which was posted up on Reddit by the user ‘Segu1n’, has certainly generated some debate in recent days, however … Continue reading

‘UFO Fleet’ Over Austin, Texas

“Eyewitness states: This happened in our small community a lot of people saw it. There are multiple pictures and videos. It was loud! (So no drones) it flew low and was slow. Edit to say: if they were drones they would be doing a lot of traveling as they were seen 30 miles away from my location as well.” UFO … Continue reading

Residents Witness Meteor Fireball over North Texas, Boom also Reported

via NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth North Texas residents took to social media Sunday night to discuss and share videos of a flash streaking across the sky. Many people across Dallas-Fort Worth noted they saw a brilliant fireball about 8:57 p.m. Sunday. In fact, it was seen as far south as Austin, as far north as Oklahoma and as far east as … Continue reading

UFO Texas Dec 2020
Huge Slow Moving, Cylindrical UFO Recorded in El Paso, Texas

In the first video, captured in El Paso Texas on December 8, 2020, the witness while driving could noticed a strange flying object that was at low altitude very close to the road, immediately took out his cell phone and began to record. The huge object was moving slowly and apparently it is a cylindrical UFO which is strangely very … Continue reading

UFOs Aug 2020
Exceptional UFO Video Captures, Including Glowing Triangular Craft

A glowing red triangular craft was recorded on video “parked in the sky over Texas” on August 16, 2020. According to the witness, the craft made no sound and did not move at all, it was just sitting there in the night sky. The small lights you see are from the electromagnetic field around the object. While very similar to … Continue reading

Stunning Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky over Houston, Texas (Video)

Reports of fireballs flashing through the night sky have steadily increased since 2006, according to data from the American Meteor Society. Sometimes referred to as “shooting stars,” fireballs, which are very bright, fast-moving meteors that appear to streak across the sky leaving behind a luminescent trail, are tracked by the organization, which encourages and promotes interest in meteoric astronomy. So … Continue reading

Unexplained Boom Main
Loud Boom that Shook Homes in South Texas, Remains a Mystery

Neighbors from La Vernia to Karnes City reported hearing a loud boom Wednesday afternoon on social media. While many people are speculating as to what it may have been, right now the loud boom continues to remain a mystery. Wilson County authorities said they began getting calls into dispatch reporting the boom around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Sisters Bailey and Molly … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Reported over Eastern Texas

The American Meteor Society posted a short clip of a fireball that was seen over western Texas on January 19th: SOTT IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Massive Texas Sinkholes Are Heaving, Sinking, And Growing!

Reminds me of the Yamal Peninsula Craters in Siberia. via Science Alert: It began with sinkholes. Two of them, gaping mouths to nowhere opening up as if to swallow the town of Wink, Texas. As they expanded, there were fears they might collide, morphing into one giant void. They first emerged in 1980, and things haven’t gotten better since. Now, … Continue reading

Strange Trumpet Sounds From Sky Over Garland, Texas

Strange Trumpet Sounds from Sky in Texas: jajajaja beans YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

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