Waters disappear dramatically along beaches in the Gulf of Thailand in June 2018.
Disappearing Ocean Phenomenon in the Gulf of Thailand

The strange phenomenon is back. A strong water receding was reported along several beaches situated in the Gulf of Thailand. According to residents, such a strong tidal phenomenon – with water disappearing over more than 2 kilometers away – wasn’t experienced in the last 20 years. Such mysterious water disappearances were recently reported around the world… And scientists have no … Continue reading

Elephant Gets Irritated at Girl Petting It, Trashes Her

During her holidays in Thailand, American student Whitney Lavaux got the shock of her life when she reached out to pet a bathing elephant. The animal bashed the girl with his trunk, throwing her several feet away. Luckily, the girl landed in the muddy waters unharmed and even got to become Internet-famous after the video had gone viral. IF YOU … Continue reading