Letter Exposes Top-Secret UFO Programs Involving Canada and Five Eyes Alliance

A shocking new letter, first revealed by journalists George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell, expose a Canadian politician’s fears about a top secret UFO program involving Canada and the Five Eyes Alliance. This video delves into the secretive world of unidentified flying objects and government involvement with Dr. Michael Salla. In the letter, dated 22 March 2023, Canadian Member of Parliament … Continue reading

Real X-Files: Global Top Secret UFO Files on Alien Encounters ‘Have Been Released’

The UFO investigators are putting a lot of pressure on the governments to release all UFO confidential files. They believe that the world needs to know the truth about alien visitations. Hilary Clinton, the Democrat US presidential candidate, has already vowed to enforce full disclosure, and send a team into the mysterious top-secret Area 51 military base where some suspect … Continue reading

10 Conspiracy Theories About Weather Modification

Man-made climate change paved the way for American scientists to come up with the idea of weather modification. They reasoned that if daily human activity was already impacting weather patterns, it was acceptable for them to deliberately change the weather for a variety of purposes. The first meeting about weather modification was held at the end of 1945. At this … Continue reading