Image: Moon UFO - Anomaly. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1
Are ‘They’ Already Here? Possible Evidence of Huge Alien Crafts In Our Solar System

In the headline image above: evidence that the U.S. Government and NASA are covering up evidence of the existence of interstellar alien spacecraft in our solar system and extraterrestrial visits to our planet. Some of you might know that back in 1983 The Washington Post broke the incredible story about NASA’s IRAS discovering a massive object 50 million miles from … Continue reading

UK’s Declassified ‘X-Files’ May Prove Military UFO Coverup

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently declassified a set of documents related to encounters with UFOs. The fifteen documents were published by Britain’s National Archives – but in paper form only. For some odd reason, the files are not being digitized and instead must be viewed in person or purchased directly from the National Archives. Many in the Ufology … Continue reading