Temperature Reaches 50 Degree Celsius in India, More Than 200 Dead

Scorching heat, coupled with drought, which has prompted a water crisis in several parts of India, has led to more than a 200 deaths as the temperature has soared to 49.3 degrees Celsius in India.

According to the meteorological department of the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, the temperature on Tuesday morning recorded at 49.3 degree Celsius in Bilaspur which is highest ever temperature here. The department has predicted the temperature will be above 46 degree Celsius for a few more days. In other states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, temperature is still hovering above 45 degree Celsius for the last few weeks and has reportedly claimed more than 200 lives in the state.

The southern parts of India are especially facing severe water crisis, which is forcing farmers to end their lives under the burden of high debt due to crop failure this year. The southern region includes the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

“There are 31 reservoirs under Central Water Commission monitoring having total live storage capacity of 51.59 BCM. The total live storage available in these reservoirs is 4.04 BCM which is 8% of total live storage capacity of these reservoirs,” the Ministry of Water Resources reported on May 19. The storage during the current year is way less than the average storage of last 10 years during the corresponding period. Water storage available in 91 major reservoirs of the country is 23% of total storage capacity of these reservoirs.

India has witnessed more than 4,600 deaths caused by heat wave over the last four years.


Editor’s comment: I started noticing a few years ago that the weather in North America was like a roller coaster ride, one day warm one day cold and the trend carried on for a few years. As of late 2014-2015 I noticed the seasons were not falling on schedule (almanac schedule) but were drifting past their “scheduled” dates by a fair amount. Winter was stretching into spring. Now in 2017 it is even more extreme. IN the north east it is far colder on average than it should be for late May and according to weather reports it will continue to be unusually cooler temps in the coming weeks. I wonder if the furnace will be coming on in June to keep the house warm and if this will become the new norm (scary thought).

With that said, some parts of the world have been facing the extreme opposite (ie heat waves). I am not a weather expert or scientist but have some knowledge about some possible causes of this extreme contrasting weather. Chemtrails in North America are constant and excessive and I can’t help but wonder if this might have to do with the abnormally cold temps the North East and even some central portions of North America has been experiencing.

Another possibility is Earth’s tilt and wobble. I always had this personal thought or theory that that is what is causing the up and down temps from day to day and also the extreme contrasting in temperatures in different parts of the world (aside from the normal weather differences based on geographic location).

The weather is getting more and more interesting. If you would like to add your thoughts on this topic you are welcome to visit our forum where we’ve started a topic specifically about this: or feel free to leave a comment below in the Disqus comment section.

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