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Wikileaks John Podesta War in Space, UFOs and the Elite – Part 1

By staff writer Patrick C.

Wikileaks just dropped a bomb with its recently released John Podesta email dump, which by the way, only represents 1% of what will be released to the public before the November election.

Some of the “conspiracy theories” confirmed by this release include: humanity has been in contact with “Cosmic Cultures”, a false flag event involving a fake alien invasion has been planned by the Elites to retain control of the planet, Space has already been militarized (against the warning of Cosmic Cultures), a group of Elites are putting Humanity at risk by their continued pursuit of endless War and domination, aggressor nations (United States included) continue to stimulate their budgets based on wars and the need to identify the “next” enemy.

The email reveals that Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was attempting to prep Podesta for their upcoming Skype conversation, dealing with the revised 2008 proposed Russia-China Treaty for the Prevention of Weapons in Outer Space. Only requiring 9 Nation Signatures to be ratified under International Law and the United Nations, however the United States has refused to sign.

Counter to the purpose of this communication, the Obama Administration requested $5 billion for space defense in the 2016 fiscal budget. This is a clear signal that the Elites who control the US Political bodies have no intention of releasing control over our Planet anytime soon.

The Treaty does not however ban weapons being fired from Earth into Outer Space nor does it ban protective measures against foreign bodies such as asteroid impact.

There were also two attachments provided by Wikileaks, the Treaty itself and Talking Points about the Treaty.

Taken from the Talking Points Document:


The “militarization” of space has occurred, but requires a new definition for the purposes of this Treaty and outer space.

In space, militaries already play a new role, one without space-based weapons. (Space-based weapons are described in the Treaty.) Militaries in space are providing enhanced intelligence and communication, observation, and data sharing, can be in needed service on earth, and can help to pave a safe way for humans to enter into the universes.

Militaries in space will be able to provide safety for members of Cosmic Cultures to enter the Earth sphere…without space-based weapons. This is the beginning of the transformation of the military, and the identity of the many good services that the militaries can provide…as wars come to an end.

The militarization of space is very different from the militarization of earth that took place in the context of old war mindset. In space, there is only international cooperation among militaries. This is the time for the new roles for the militaries to emerge in a new Space Age way. National and world defense systems will be based on the sharing of information and the pooling of resources to help solve urgent and potential problems on our planet as humanity evolves into space. We can get more money to the militaries and complex if they want it…modernize them all…just in another way (smile) that will provide more (different) training programs and jobs than during any hot or cold wartime.

This Treaty incorporates the reality that humans have evolved into a higher frequency of consciousness than that of the past. While language about the Cosmic Cultures (ETs) is not directly stated, the concept in this Treaty incorporates the fact that humanity is and will be officially in contact with the Cosmic Cultures (some humans are already in contact) … and it is important to note that while there are many carefully taught ideas about the off planet cultures/beings, and many perspectives and interpretations about experiences and thoughts about ET’s, the fact is that “they” have evolved, NONE of them are hostile, and it is time for humanity to evolve and live in peace as there is in space, now.

This Treaty is the first Treaty acknowledges the Cosmos Cultures and the Indigenous Cultures, as being Parties to the Treaty. Of course, Parties don’t sign a Treaty. The Signatories of a Treaty on this planet are the UN Member leaders or their designated people…called Signatories. This Treaty acknowledges the highest of truths in our time for our time. This Treaty that will ban all space-based weapons.

There is zero evidence that Cosmos Cultures are hostile. None of them are hostile. That lie will be spread, as it is spread by authors, producers, speakers, politicians as jokes at this time, etc, and sometimes by experiencers, contactees, or anyone who comes from that carefully taught state of “fear.” The beings from other cultures have shown us, they have have proven they are here and are not hear to harm us in any way. (There will be humans who cannot believe it is possible for peace to prevail on this planet or in space…but it can.) The Cosmic Cultures have shown what they are capable of doing. For example, they have shown they can shut down our missiles, but that they do not attack, harm, control, threaten or get in the way of planes or our technology in space. It’s time for humans to let go of “fear” about this issue.

There is no threat to humanity, or to national or world security, from Cosmos Cultures. Cosmos Cultures are not an enemy. Credentialed military officers, government representatives, pilots, scientific, corporate and other experts have testified and confirmed that the Cosmos Cultures are real and that they come in peace.

While several countries have recently de-classified relevant information, some is presented in the context of the old fear base context. Fortunately, more and more humans are evolving into a higher frequency of truth based on the intelligence and “consciousness” of people who can understand that none of the beings coming from distances of the universes are hostile and that it’s time we humans need to find out more truths including about free energy and health issues of our bodies and our environment that they can share once we officially invite them in. Many know they are ready to land but need to know we humans won’t shoot them down. Disclosure has taken place.

THE LAST CARD presented by von Braun is what we need to know is about to happen…but it hasn’t because humanity is still willing to fight and destroy each other and our common environment so the war industry is continuing…there hasn’t been a need to escalate that war mentality into space until recently…it is happening. With the confrontations, during this time when humanity is about to deploy space-BASED technology in the forms of advanced space stations (hotels, habitats, etc..), and mining asteroids or fighting them, among the current conversations of intentions, the time has come when it is urgent to make sure there is world agreement to NOT BASE weapons in space. There is only one chance to get this Treaty signed, this agreement among space-faring nations. That is BEFORE weapons get based on stations, asteroids/celestial bodies, etc. In spite of rumors, there are NO weapons based in space. The Treaty has one purpose…to ban ALL space-BASED weapons…which is doable now.

The relationships with Cosmic Cultures forthcoming are going to awaken humanity regarding “who we really are” in the universes, and how we can live “healthily” and “heal” on our garden planet. This is going to cause the industries that are based on war and toxic poisons to transform, to create new jobs based on peace and all that goes with it.

If the leaders believe in the old ways of thinking, if they act with no courage or intention to replace the old dangerous, polluting, torturous and killing ways, we should now be kissing our children and their children good bye as this is where and when the human species will end. Well, perhaps those elite who get into space can keep going, but they won’t be able to survive on this planet. Much information is available about the state of our world.

There are leaders who have compromised and even participated in the war games because of various vested interests or carefully taught beliefs that actually are based on lies…including that they may want to play in order to get a seat on NATO, extended business and trade, offers of food or medicine, technology transfer, or financial assistance. This continues. You can see the teams forming…confrontational as usual.

Treaty Team Delegation includes:

CMDR Ret. Dr. Scott Jones, Military Intelligence, Advisor Senate, Founder, P.E.A.C.E. Inc., the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth
Dr. Carol Rosin, Founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space
Executive Director, Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth, P.E.A.C.E. Inc.
Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences
Aerospace Executive Abe Kriger, 37 yrs. Boeing/US-Russia space station, lunar orbiter
CMDR Ret. Will Miller, Advisor Space Command, White House, Defense Dept.
Honorable Paul Hellyer, Former Minister of Defense, Canada

From the Treaty –

The Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm frm which all classes of space-based weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward beings or objects on Earth or in space from space.

The term “space” and “outer space” is defined as the space extending above the earth at an altitude of 100 kilometers above sea level. Weapons banned by this Treaty are considered to be space-based if they are located at or above 100 kilometers above sea level.

This Treaty prohibits:

a.Firing one or more weapons based in space that would be intended to collide with any object or being in space;

b.Detonating any explosive device based in space in close proximity to any object or being in space;

c.Directing any space-based source of energy offensively against any object or being in space or on Earth;

d.Basing controls or systems of any space-based weapons that are or could be intended to collide with or inflict damage upon objects or beings in any location in space including on the moon, any celestial body, on a satellite, craft, or on any form of space station.

The John Podesta Email:

To: [email protected]
Date: 2015-08-18 10:30

Subject: email for John Podesta c/o Eryn re Space Treaty (attached)

Dear John,

Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk.

Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.

The following information in italics was shared with me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who worked closely for several years with Wernher von Braun before his death.

Carol and I have worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, attached for your convenience.

The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons: Why they Must be Banned to Preserve our Future

It sounds like science fiction, but the potential for real-life star wars is real enough.

It’s just not new. Fears of battles in space go back to the Cold War and several initiatives, like President Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile-defense system. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work spoke to Congress in June about the threat. He said during a speech the technology the U.S. developed during the Cold War allows it “to project more power, more precisely, more swiftly, at less cost.”

Take a moment to think about everything satellites do. GPS, surveillance and communications all depend on them. And the Scientific American notes you can disable satellites without missiles. Simply spray-painting lenses or breaking antennas is enough.

President Obama requested $5 billion for space defense in the 2016 fiscal budget. And a former Air Force officer told the Scientific American most of the United States’ capabilities in space have been declassified to send a clear message:

There are no rules for war in space.

Best regards,

Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD
Apollo 14 astronaut 6th man to walk on the Moon
Zero Point Energy Consultant

The bulk of the email is littered with supporting articles warning of the very real danger for all of Humanity if the United States and other countries continue their pursuit of weaponizing Space.

From the article dated, July 6, 2014, The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons:
China and Russia have proposed an updated UN treaty to ban space-based weapons amidst fears the weaponisation of outer-space could prove disastrous. But why does the US government, which has the world’s largest military, continue to block it? If the weaponisation of space is not stopped, the dangers to humanity will be huge, with cosmic consequences.

The Chinese and Russian governments submitted a joint treaty to the Geneva Conference on Disarmament on June 10 calling for a total ban on outer-space weapons. The treaty is an updated version of an earlier 2008 draft presented by the two countries, and is aimed at preventing an arms race in space. However, the US government refuses to support it.

Although the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 is already in effect, which prohibits the placement of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction in orbit, this treaty does not ban the placement of conventional weapons in outer space. This has led to the current concerns of an outer-space arms race as nations secretly build up space-capable weapons systems.

The dangers posed by an arms race in space are grave enough, but there are even more reasons to be concerned. There have long been indications of secret plans for a false flag alien attack scenario in the future, which would force countries to unite under a global military force to fight a faux “alien” threat undertaking staged attacks on planet earth using covertly-developed space-based weapons. Tied in with this is a long-running agenda to demonise extraterrestrials by portraying them as hostile entities to be feared in popular films and fiction (despite evidence of their peaceful intentions) which could also serve to condition people for a future hostile “alien” attack.

If plans for a false flag alien attack are really in the works, could this be a possible motivation for allowing the development of space-capable weapons to proceed?

The implications of space weapons even go beyond the physical threat they could pose. Humanity is also facing a serious spiritual threat to its ability to know the reality of the cosmos. The potential for a false flag scenario not only makes it possible to frame extraterrestrials for a future attack carried out with space weapons, but this would also serve to create even more fear and hostility towards beings from other planets. Extraterrestrials are said to have reached a level of consciousness beyond ours and could therefore provide spiritual guidance in our troubled times; however, a false flag scenario would only serve to further isolate humanity and block us from receiving outside help.

If we allow the weaponisation of outer space to proceed, we are effectively enabling a small elite group desiring military expansion above all else to wield enormous power over humanity, potentially with the capacity to clandestinely initiate the next world war while cutting us off from receiving interplanetary help. This makes the need for a binding treaty now, before the weaponisation of space accelerates, all the more urgent.

All Articles and Links referenced in the Podesta Email:

NEW GREAT NEWS: Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal proposed cooperation in space technology between Pakistan and China as part of the historic declaration, saying it will take the Pak-China relations to new heights. A consortium of 35 Chinese companies was also formed that will invest in Pakistan: Pakistan and China on Wednesday signed 20 memoranda of understanding (MoU) worth $2 billion…emphasis on sustainability

The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons: Why they Must be Banned to Preserve our Future FULL ARTICLE

WAR IN SPACE… War in space isn’t considered fantasy anymore

PREPARING FOR WAR IN SPACE: Satellite Missiles and International Tensions See US, China and Russia Preparing for War in Space

War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever China, Russia and the U.S. are developing and testing controversial new capabilities to wage war in space despite their denial of such work By Lee Billings | August 10, 2015

World War Three in SPACE? Fears over rise in anti-satellite weapons created by Russia A HUGE rise in anti-satellite weapons being developed by world powers has sparked fears the West could soon be embroiled in a fully-fledged war with Russia and China in outer space.

War in space isn’t considered fantasy anymore

Please share this information.

Patrick C.




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