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Dangers of the Magnetic North Pole Shift

Earlier, scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey updated the coordinates of the magnetic north pole, saying it was gradually leaving the Canadian Arctic behind and moving toward Russia’s Siberia at a rate of over 55 km per year, up from less than 15 km in the year 2000. Navigation Systems More than … Continue reading

Planetary Collision With Earth Created Moon, Left Elements Essential for Life

During it’s humble beginnings our planet was involved in some major collisions! via Unexplained-Mysteries: The carbon and nitrogen that make up our bodies likely came from a planet that once smacked in to the Earth. The early solar system was a particularly violent place, with cataclysmic collisions between protoplanets being a relatively common occurrence. One such collision, which saw the … Continue reading

Steam-Powered Spacecraft Could Explore the Stars ‘Forever’

When sending spaceships out to explore the solar system, scientists are limited by how far the ship’s fuel can take them. One novel solution being explored is a steam-powered craft that mines water on planets, comets or asteroids as it goes, which advocates say can theoretically explore space “forever.” Jules Verne would be so proud. Scientists at the University of … Continue reading

Deep Quakes Reveal Movement of Magma Beneath an Ancient German Volcano

“…magma is moving around beneath a volcano in a part of the world that isn’t normally associated with volcanism…” When it comes to active volcanoes, what country first comes to mind? Japan, perhaps? The US? What about Italy? These are all excellent examples, and understandably so. They have a wide range of fiery mountains that, at some point in the last 12,000 years, … Continue reading

Incoming Asteroid Will Have Up to 100 Chances to Smash into Earth, Astronomers Warn

You may have forgotten about Apophis, but Apophis hasn’t forgotten about us! via Sputniknews: Scientists around the world continue to fret over Apophis, a 325 metre-wide asteroid discovered in 2004 and appropriately named after the Ancient Egyptian god of evil, darkness and destruction. Apophis, or 99942 Apophis, as it is officially designated, is expected to come within just 37,600 km … Continue reading

Carl Sagan Said ‘Reincarnation Deserves Serious Study’: Years Later the Results are in

Carl Sagan, the well-known American astronomer, astrobiologist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, and author passed away in 1996. He was very skeptical of non-mainstream work, and was the same when it came to many topics within the realm of parapsychology. Almost 20 years later, we now have substantial evidence to confirm that various phenomena within the realm of parapsychology are indeed real. Some … Continue reading

Retriever Rescue_in_Hungary
Canine Stranded on Frozen Lake Rescued by Hungarian Firefighters

The responders were literally on thin ice in this rescue! A crying labrador retriever’s calls were answered by Hungarian firefighters in a video posted January 2 by the BM National Directorate General for Disaster Management. The clip, which has already been viewed nearly 800,000 times, shows the distressed dog stranded in the middle of Lake Csunya before cutting to responding … Continue reading

Barnard b-infograph
Existence of Life May be Possible on Barnard b

Could life exist on Barnard b, one of the nearest planets to our sun at only 6 light-years away but its host star is dim making it a very cold planet. via Earthsky: Here’s more exciting work regarding the newly discovered super-Earth exoplanet orbiting the legendary Barnard’s Star. This star is the closest single star (and now the second-closest star … Continue reading

Unexplained Disappearances of Submarines After UFO Activity

There are many strange facts surrounding a number of missing submarines like the four submarines lost in 1968; The INS Dakar – Israelo, the USN Scorpion U.S., the S-647 Minery -French and the K-129 – Sovjet. Joseph was on duty on an Ocean Station patrol on the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon. It was during this patrol that they had a … Continue reading

Earth’s Magnetic Field Heading for Cataclysm According to Study… What Would Happen?

As Earth’s magnetic shield fails, so do its satellites. First, our communications satellites in the highest orbits go down. Next, astronauts in low-Earth orbit can no longer phone home. And finally, cosmic rays start to bombard every human on Earth. This is a possibility that we may start to face not in the next million years, not in the next … Continue reading