The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.

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Unknown Objects Spotted at the Heart of Our Galaxy

Strange structures at the center of the Milky Way, which behave like stars but act like gas clouds has been discovered by scientist – astronomers stumped. via Express UK: To add even more mystery to the “weird structures”, they are able to survive despite being near to Sagittarius A* – The Milky Way’s biggest supermassive black hole which has an … Continue reading

Unexplained Boom Main
Cause of Mystery Explosion’ and ‘Flash’ Baffles Residents in North Wales, UK

Residents have been left baffled by a loud “explosion” heard in the early hours of this morning. Homeowners in Ruthin were jolted from their sleep by the noise that was heard as far away as Haulfryn and Rhewl. Some took to social media in a bid to find out what it was with others reporting seeing a “flash” and hearing … Continue reading

Italian Study Links Brain and Heart Tumors to Cell Phone Radiation

Laboratory animals exposed to cellphone radiation developed heart and brain tumors similar to the types seen in some studies of human cellphone users, according to an Italian study published today. EWG said the findings reinforce the need for people, especially children, to exercise caution when using cellphones and other radiation-emitting devices. The study by the Ramazzini Institute, published in the … Continue reading

NASA Reveals There is Conclusive Evidence of Organic Compounds on Mars

For years, NASA’s Curiosity rover has patiently gathered samples on the surface of Mars. Today, scientists are announcing they’ve discovered conclusive evidence that several organic compounds are indeed found on the Red Planet. On top of that, after keeping close tabs on methane levels in the Martian atmosphere, scientists have finally confirmed something weird is definitely going on, and they … Continue reading

Earth Days are Getting Longer and it’s All Because of the Moon

The moon has been moving 3.82cm away from the Earth every single year and it’s lengthening our days Sitting at your desk wondering how it’s not bedtime yet? I have some bad news for you. According to scientists from Wisconsin, Madison and Colombia Universities, the days on Earth are only about to get longer as the moon spins further away … Continue reading

MIT Creates ‘Norman’ the Psychopath AI

Between Boston Dynamics’ headless, door-opening cyborg dogs, Omron Automation’s empathy chips for robots, and MIT Media Lab’s new ‘psychopath’ AI Norman (named for Norman Bates, the murderer from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho), it looks like we’ve got everything we need to cobble together a darker, more violent version of I, Robot, or at least another episode of Black Mirror Season 5. … Continue reading

Previously Unknown Asteroid Impacted Earth over South Africa on Saturday

Astronomers found the asteroid – now labeled ZLAF9B2 – Saturday morning, hours before closest approach. Trajectory models, observer reports and a video all suggest it struck Earth’s atmosphere over South Africa on Saturday. A small asteroid discovered on Saturday morning, June 2, 2018, surprised astronomers when its trajectory suggested it would pass very, very close to Earth just hours after … Continue reading

Girl’s ‘Imaginary Friend’ Sounds Very Much Like a Spirit

Sometimes something seemingly innocent can become terrifying. Recently a young girl’s description of an imaginary friend that visits her at night went viral online. via Mashable: Meet Ruby, 3, who either has an extremely vivid imagination or is being haunted by a pregnant teen ghost. The little girl’s description of her imaginary friend (who, frankly, sounds more like a trapped … Continue reading

HIV Can Remain Dormant in the Brain and Increase Risk of Dementia, Even if You’re Not Sick

The HIV virus, which causes AIDS, has long been known to target and disable cells of the immune system, which are responsible for fighting off invading microorganisms and for suppressing malignant cancers. More recently, researchers also learned HIV not only targets immune cells in the bloodstream but also in the brain and spinal cord and that HIV can lie dormant in a person’s body … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence Could Bring Karl Marx’s Ideas to Life

Admittedly I don’t know too much about Karl Marx, but that quote in the headline image is something that that I agree with. Perhaps his ideas/beliefs warrant a closer look. via RT: AI could prove itself to be most effective when used in conditions of a planned economy, not in a free market system as previously thought, according to participants … Continue reading



The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.