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‘5,000 Y/O BACTERIA’ that Caused Black Death Unearthed from Long-Dead Pandemic Victim

I’m filing this under, ‘what could possibly go wrong’?! via RT An ancient skull found by a river in modern-day Latvia may well hold clues as to how the bubonic plague wiped out tens of millions of people across Europe in what would eventually become the deadliest pandemic in human history. Researchers from Kiel University in Germany revealed on Wednesday … Continue reading

Unclassified UFO Report Released, Provides Few Answers

Editor’s comment follows below the ABCnews article. “”We are open to the possibility that some things may be unexplainable with our current level of understanding.”” By Luis Martinez via ABC NEWS The report has no explanations for 143 aerial phenomena incidents. A highly anticipated report on UFOs, prepared by the U.S. intelligence community and delivered to Congress on Friday, does … Continue reading

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Likely Linked to Rare Heart Condition in Kids: CDC Panel

By Jackie Salo via New York Post Researchers have found a link between rare cases of heart inflammation in children and COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, a group of doctors advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. The COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group said the “data available to date suggest likely association of myocarditis,” … Continue reading

Hundreds of Birds Dying in at Least 6 States across America

“We’re experiencing an unusual amount of bird mortality this year,” said Kate Slankard, an avian biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “We have yet to figure out what the problem is. The condition seems to be pretty deadly.” By DEON J. HAMPTON via AOL NEWS Hundreds of birds are dying without explanation in parts of the … Continue reading

Antivirus Mogul John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison After Court Approves Extradition

Incidentally, McAfee previously tweeted in November 2019 and later in October 2020, days after his arrest, that if he ever dies by “suicide,” it wasn’t done by his hand. by Gaby Arancibia via Sputniknews Earlier, the Spanish National Court ruled in favor of extraditing John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee antivirus software, to the US over tax-related criminal charges … Continue reading

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries

By Megan Redshaw By The Defender On the Dark Horse Podcast, Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA vaccine technology, said the COVID vaccine lipid nanoparticles — which tell the body to produce the spike protein — leave the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues. On June 10, Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA vaccine technology, joined evolutionary biologist … Continue reading

US Govt. Considers at Least Some UFOs to be ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL’ & ‘EXTRADIMENSIONAL’, Ex-Intel Official

“Now, the US government considers it a credible line of inquiry to treat these “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs as something “extraterrestrial” or even “extradimensional,” the former AATIP chief said.” via RT The US government is aware of UFOs that defy any conventional explanation despite extensive analysis, a former official who investigated such issues said, adding that Washington considers them … Continue reading

‘GREEN Fungus’ Reported in India, Adding to 3 Other Colors of Infection Developing in Covid Patients

Anyone else getting worried here?! via RT: As thousands suffer from black, white and yellow fungus in India, doctors are now worried that another infection, dubbed “green,” has been added to the list of post-Covid complications for patients. A 34-year-old man in Madhya Pradesh, a large state in central India, is believed to possibly be the first patient diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Gangrene, Gastric Issues, and Hearing Loss Reported in Delta Variant of Coronavirus from India

By Bhuma Shrivastava via Japan Times The coronavirus variant driving India’s devastating COVID-19 second wave is the most infectious to emerge so far. Doctors now want to know if it’s also more severe. Hearing impairment, severe gastric upsets and blood clots leading to gangrene, symptoms not typically seen in COVID-19 patients, have been linked by doctors in India to the … Continue reading

Former Intel Official Admits, UFOs ‘Interfered’ with US Atomic Capabilities

via RT UFOs aren’t just real, they’re capable of mind-bending feats of flight and have a keen interest in toying with the US’ nuclear facilities. That’s according to an intelligence official tasked with investigating these phenomena. Speaking to the Washington Post on Tuesday, Luis Elizondo, former director of the military’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), revealed that UFOs – … Continue reading