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Why is Mebendazole Ignored As Effective Cancer Treatment?

The pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment are making a lot of money and so-called effective cancer treatments. However, there are many other treatments that are more effective and cost less money. Mebendazole (MBZ) is a commonly found, over-the-counter anti-parasite medication, used most often to rid the body of pinworms. It came into use in 1971, and now retails under … Continue reading

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A Most “Radical” Problem

This morning CNN reported that a Muslim cab driver was shot by a passenger in Pittsburg and I think that this type of behavior is going to increase as more and more crimes are committed by radical Muslims. CNN is still talking about Donald Trumps statement about the Muslims celebrating 911 and it is obvious that CNN does not like … Continue reading

Russia unveils secret nuclear-armed drone sub that could destroy America as geopolitical posturing puts world on brink of nuclear war

U.S. intelligence agencies believe that the Russian military is set to build a new nuclear-powered drone submarine that can silently deliver a massive atomic weapon to American port cities on both coasts. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, U.S. intelligence officials appeared to get confirmation of the new weapon system – one officials had previously suspected was under development … Continue reading

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