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Cat Contracts Coronavirus from Sick Owner in New Cross Species Transmission

As scientists around the world battle for a cure or vaccine to Covid-19, a new case of human-to-animal transmission has arisen in Belgium, where health experts say a cat contracted the disease from its coronavirus-stricken owner. Just one week after the pet owner in Liege, Belgium was diagnosed with Covid-19, their cat also started showing symptoms of the disease, including … Continue reading

Canadian Govt. Considers Using Phone Location Data to Identify Gatherings of People

Christopher Nardi National Post A report by The Logic indicates the City of Toronto has obtained data from wireless carriers in order identify gatherings of people. Justin Trudeau is not closed to the idea of requesting location data from telecommunications companies in order to spot social gatherings that are contravening orders to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first … Continue reading

Coronavirus (OP-ED)

Doomsday Dave (DDD)BENDEDREALITY.COM – March 2020 For years I have been prepping for the arrival of planet X I honestly believed that it would have been here by now but it is not anywhere to be seen. I am glad that I did prep because now the Corona virus is here all that prepping has paid off. The news reported … Continue reading

Ominous ‘Purge-Like’ Sirens Mark Start of National Quarantine in Argentina

A global pandemic is enough to put most people on edge, but authorities in Argentina decided to make matters worse by marking the start of a nationwide lockdown using an ominous siren taken straight from the Purge movie franchise. As darkly humorous comments on eyewitness videos show, following a televised countdown, Argentinians were warned that the quarantine had officially begun … Continue reading

Aliens Invade0909
What’s Next to Come, an Alien Invasion?

The majority of us reading this have never lived through or experienced a pandemic before, so this is uncharted territory, and it has most of us at a heightened state of alertness or anxiety. Imagine if we were being monitored by extraterrestrial beings, and they decided to seize this opportunity to make their move! (not that they would necessarily have … Continue reading

Here is How Likely You (Yes, You) are to Die from the Covid-19 Virus

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to rage on, surely we all worry about our chances are of contracting it. via RT: With death rates from Covid-19 varying wildly around the globe, you might be wondering about your chances of survival if you contract the virus. There are no simple answers — but there are some things that put you at … Continue reading

Coronavirus May Bring Economic ‘Doomsday Scenario’, Global Economy Could See $2 Trillion Hit

The United Nations warned this week that the COVID-19 outbreak will likely cost the global economy $1 trillion this year, and in a worst-case scenario, the loss could be double that amount. “We envisage a slowdown in the global economy to under 2% for this year, and that will probably cost in the order of $1 trillion, compared with what … Continue reading

If You’re Close to the Scene of a Crime, Police Can Demand Google Hand over Your Data

Aaron Kesel The Mind Unleashed Google reverse location search warrants have privacy and civil liberties advocates concerned. The Gainesville Police Department suspected an innocent man was involved in a burglary so naturally they requested that Google give them all of his location data. Google’s legal investigations support team wrote to Zachary McCoy telling him that local police were demanding information … Continue reading

US Air Force Did Not Know Who Was Behind Mystery Drones

According to newly released emails, officials at F.E. Warren Air Force Base did not know who was behind the Colorado drones. via Unexplained-Mysteries: Back at the end of December 2019, reports emerged of a fleet of unidentified drones operating in Colorado’s Phillips and Yuma counties between 7pm and 10pm in the evening. The unmanned vehicles ended up generating concern and … Continue reading

Fukushima radioactive water stores
Nuclear Watchdog ‘Approves’ Japan’s Plan to Release Toxic Fukushima Water Into Sea

If we lived in the ocean we would never consider doing this. Imagine the billions of sea creatures to whom the ocean is home… just devastating! This is yet another example of human supremacy and greed in action! via RT: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an international watchdog that helps promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, expressed approval … Continue reading