Important Las Vegas Mass Shooting Video (Rare), A Must See

Guys, I came across this video which starts a little earlier than most of the videos before the shooting began and covers it from a slightly different angle.

There are quite a few interesting things in this video. *Use headphones if possible

The beginning of the strangeness starts at approx. 3:35 where you hear that Islamic war shrill which sounds kind of like that sound the native Indians make before they attack..then there is sound of a muffled bomb explosion. Play it a few times if you miss it the first time.

The stage guy quickly follows up the muffled explosion sound by saying something like “aye watch out, Imma need y’all to take it back out a little bit” at which point a bunch of people at the very back of the crowd start leaving in a moderate pace, but then at the same time the second song starts to play and the person taking the video also says “what the fu*k’s going on?” (also at around 3:40 you hear something like a single gunshot occurring about two times when the music starts to play again). Keep in mind, there was no automatic gunfire heard at this point, YET people react as though there is something going on and start to be in a semi panic mode. Could it be the sounds that sounded like a terrorist war shrill and small explosion sound that followed was in fact just that and also maybe the sound that sounded like single gunshots were single gunshots and that got these people starting to leave in haste? A few more seconds pass and then the automatic fire starts (mind you that people at the back were already leaving before the automatic gunfire began).

What made just that small group of people leave even before the automatic gunfire began, what was going on? was there more than meets the eye in these videos?

We desperately need eyewitness accounts from people who were there.

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via Mike Turber YouTube

The video shows a clear view of the shooters location. It also reveals that shots were fired earlier than previously shown in other videos. You can clearly hear what sounds like rifle shots BEFORE you hear the automatic, or “bumpstock” weapon fire. You will also notice the crowd is reacting long before any other video shows.

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