Planet X Will NOT Hit Earth But Will Strike Jupiter ‘Destroying Everything’

NIBIRU will strike Jupiter and “destroy everything” it has been claimed amid fears Planet X is poised to hit Earth.

A YouTube video claiming to expose the truth about Nibiru, also known as Planet X or Wormwood, claims Earth is heading for a massive “cosmic event”.

The video titled, ‘Planet X Nibiru Won’t Come to Earth But will Hit Jupiter & Destroy Everything, 8th November 2017’, claims Earth will be spared a direct collision.

But Nibiru will still perform a catastrophic fly-by, which will be devastating for humanity, according to the video posted by Nibiru conspiracy channel Latest Technology.

The Nibiru theory claims a rogue planetary system is barrelling towards our solar planet for a cataclysmic extinction event, by shifting Earth’s poles and triggering violent volcanoes and earthquakes.

A self-proclaimed Nibiru visionary, argues the events which will unfold over Earth are now a hot topic for other intelligent species inhabiting space.

Marshall Masters said: “What’s going to happen to us is a cosmic event.

“This is something that is of great importance to many races out there – what happens to us.

“I guess, you know, that we’re the top headline right now with what’s going on.”

He continues to explain in the video how Nibiru is till set to fly-by past Earth, as pointed out to him in his visions.

This fly-by will supposedly trigger earthquakes, tsunamis and cause a pole shift of Earth’s magnetic poles to the equator, due to Nibiru’s powerful gravitation waves – Planet X is believed to be 10 times the size of Earth.

He said: “There is no question in my mind that when we have this fly-by, we are going to have pole-shift event because when this mini constellation – a brown dwarf with planets and moons – comes around, it’s gonna arch over and above us and pass over us. Alright?

“But when it does it will be on our side of the sun. In other fly-by’s it was on the other side of the sun.

“That’s the reason why no two fly-bys are alike in terms of the impact on the planet.

“By the way, that prediction was made in 2008 and it was spot on. I talk about that in my videos.

“So that is what I’m telling people to prepare for.”

And if that concept was not terrifying enough, the Nibiru theorist claims Earth is currently trapped in the outer bands of Nibiru, which has already entered the solar system.

Based on his research and observations of meteor activity, Mr Masters has concluded that in comparison to the rings of Saturn, Nibiru’s bands are much “larger and broader”.

He said: “That’s what we’re concerned about right now. We’re doing a review on the data and in preparation, and we’re looking at that and need to present that, as honestly, this is a possible explanation.

“We are between the bands.”

“But I look at all the other events that are going on – the increase in solar activity that we finally are seeing, the ring of fire, right now there are bloggers that are reporting that the bisons are starting to walk out of Yellowstone.

“You know that is something that I have been looking for, for a long time.”

The Nibiru theorists even claimed his research hit a nerve with US space agency Nasa.

He said: “I knew I hit a nerve, because Nasa had my books shut down on Amazon. That’s a typical knee-jerk response.

“I caught Nasa red handed and it does not resonate with people.”

Nasa has repeatedly denied the existence of Nibiru and says the theory is a hoax.

For years, Nasa and the world’s leading scientists have underlined that Planet X does not exist and there is absolutely no danger to Earth.

“There are no pictures, no tracking, no astronomical observations.

“I can quite specifically say how we know Planet X or Nibiru does not exist and does not threaten Earth.

“Firstly, if there was a planet headed into the inner solar system that was going to come close to the Earth, it would already be inside the orbit of Mars, it would be bright, it would be easily visible to the naked eye – if it was up there it would be easy to see it, all of us could see it.”

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  1. Bill M says:

    61 years old and can not believe that there are folks out there that
    actually believe this shit… If this was going to happen in 2 day, the
    earth would have already started having monster earth quakes. What I
    would like to know is really simple… How, with a clear conscience can
    the editors of this site actually print this stuff. There are people out
    there in the world that are insane enough to believe this crap…

    • PlanetXConspiracy says:

      Well Bill, believe it…What it basically boils down to is that when conspiracy theorists do not have evidence they make up shit… it sounds like they know what they are talking about….Nibiru/Planet X did not exist in 1995 or 2003 or 2012 and it don’t exist in 2017. As far as earthquakes go an approaching planet cannot cause earthquakes on Earth I swear I don’t know where people get this crap…Oh, its the conspiracy theorists……

      And using Marshall Masters as a source in the article does not help its cause any.

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