Source of Mysterious Radiation Cloud over Europe Traced to Russia, Kazakhstan

As if Fukushima radiation circling the world ever so stealthily isn’t enough of a burden on all life on Earth, here comes another mess to further slowly destroy life with cancer and death!! Not to mention the many other plants that are silently leaking in many countries all around the world that are just ignored or kept a secret as they silently poison the entire planet!


EUROPE’S radiation experts are on alert.

A cloud of radiation has wafted over the continent in recent weeks.

Its levels are harmless.

But that’s not the point.

Nobody knows where it came from.

Or what produced it.

Monitoring stations which blanked Europe with an array of detectors have tracked the radioactive cloud as emerging from Russia, or Kazakhstan.

This map displays the probability of where a radiation cloud now drifting over Europe came from. Source: IRSNSource:Supplied

This map displays the probability of where a radiation cloud now drifting over Europe came from. Source: IRSNSource:Supplied

A report has been issued by the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).

“The concentration levels of Ruthenium-106 in the air that have been recorded in Europe and especially in France are of no consequence for human health and for the environment,” it notes.

“The release, accidental with regard to the quantity released, would have occurred during the last week of September 2017.”

Ruthenium-106 particles do not occur in nature.

They’re a by-product of a nuclear reaction process.

But analysts say they do not believe the release came from a nuclear power plant.

Instead, the Ruthenium-106 probably came from a nuclear fuel preparation site. Or somewhere working on nuclear-based medicine.
The radioactive cloud is very weak. But well within the realms of detection.

The report says the radiation was measured at between 100 and 300 terabecquerels (which counts the number of nucleus decays per second).

The 2011 Fukishima disaster emitted about 900,000 terabecquerels, and the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe some 5.2 million terabecquerels.

The French-based group says that a nuclear accident of the scale that produced the cloud would likely require the evacuation of people from a radius of “a few kilometres around the location of the release”. It adds the chances agricultural produce in the area being dangerously contaminated by the Ruthenium-106 was low.

“For foodstuffs, the exceeding of maximum permitted levels (1250 Bq/kg for Ruthenium 106 for non-milk products) would be observed over distances of the order of a few tens of kilometres around the location of the release,” it notes.

No accident has been admitted by Russian authorities.

But the ISRN has tracked the cloud from a source between the Ural Mountains and the Volga river. This encompasses parts of Russia and Kazakhstan.

“Russian authorities have said they are not aware of an accident on their territory,” IRSN director Jean-Marc Peres told Reuters.

No comment has yet been made by authorities in Kazakhstan.

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  1. Lucia says:

    Stop blaming everything nasty that happens as being of a russian origin or involvement. It’s getting to the point, where the black-sheep of the family, turns the scales, becomes a stand-up comedian and rediculizes the whole Shabang. The russian leader Mr V. Putin has quite a sense of humour and an intelligence most leaders do not come even close to, so beware…… nobody with more than 10 braincells believes Russia to be the black sheep the MSM trolls try to make of them!!

    • stargazer says:

      Sorry but unfortunately it looks like it is a Russian power plant that is behind the radiation leak

      Here is an excerpt: “The highest concentration was registered at the station in Argayash, a village in the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals, which had “extremely high pollution” of Ru-106, exceeding natural background pollution by 986 times, the service said.”

      • Lucia says:

        Stargazer i respect your point of view but due to the Russia-bashing of the MSM going on for some time now, i do not believe anything coming out from that source with regards to Russia at this particular moment in time .And this is the danger of the blame-game, you don’t take anything serious anymore and for once incidentally, it could be true. Who is than to blame in this story , if it’s true, the poor russians who already have to deal with this matter and due to the blamegame are afraid of coming out with it, something they might have done, if the situation were less tense or…….. the whole whorehouse of MSM, also the greatest source of fake news( and the corrupt politicians in league with the banksters, pulling the strings of the media-guitar) and offcourse i’m not talking about the incident itself, but the fact of acknowlegement thereoff.By the way my political color was liberal ( up till 10 years ago) but with a state who provides also for the sick and the need, nowadays to tell you the truth, i think we would be better off in a world without politics . Why… cause my biggest fear now is that one day, due to these people and there unholy allegiances, those who pull the strings in the background and have manipulated humanity for thousands of years, there will not be any world left!!!!Stargazer i’m not one for enless replies so this is it, we can always agree to disagree.

        • stargazer says:

          HI Lucia, I understand and respect your POV (Point Of View)as well. Just to be clear I wasn’t disagreeing or agreeing. I personally have no bias when it come to Russia or pretty much any country., I prefer to base my opinions on facts as much as possible 🙂 I always welcome peoples POV, and I respect the way you did it rather than attack like some people tend to do. Thanks Lucia 🙂

          • Lucia says:

            You have a very nice evening Stargazer, thank you to… you have good manners maybe we both were knights at the round table.

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