Cheblanski Meteor
New Research Bringing to Light Some Unsettling Things About the Giant Meteor That Slammed into Russia 3 Years Ago

By Daniel McDonald – February 16, 2016 – On February 15, 2013, many on Earth were watching for news of the approach of an asteroid labeled 2012 DA14. Suddenly, those watchers – and millions of others around the globe – were startled by news of a superbolide, or super bright meteor, above the region of Chelyabinsk in Russia. It … Continue reading

Asteroid close flyby Feb 17 2016
Two Hazardous Asteroid Passes To Happen In 2016-2017

Written by Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – February 17, 2016 VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER There has been a fair bit of excitement, worry and even anxiety over the upcoming near Earth fly by of asteroid 2013 TX68. Even with the usual assurances from NASA that it will not hit, one still has to wonder or worry just a little since … Continue reading

Giant Asteroid 1
Earth ‘Long Overdue’ Asteroid Impact That Could Cause Massive Annihilation

An astronomy conference ‘Beyond Earth: Dangers from the Cosmos’ will hear from a range of scientists and astronomers in Galway tomorrow. Organiser Brian MacGabhann has warned the planet is facing several “very real dangers”. He said that, while very large asteroids are being monitored, smaller asteroids which could cause massive tsunamis or wipe out cities are not. He warned it … Continue reading