Did FBI Director Comey’s Statement Imply Contact with ETs

While everyone else was looking for hints on what’s been going on between the Trump administration and Russia, the UFO community was excited about something former FBI director James Comey said during his Senate testimony that had nothing to do with politics. … I have had many conversations with humans over the years … That’s right, the former FBI director … Continue reading

See the resemblance?
Astounding Discovery of Another Mayan Statue Depicting an Alien Humanoid

So many statues, carvings, paintings and artifacts from the Mayans depict what appear to be aliens or alien spaceships, it’s hard to argue that all of them either have logical non-ET explanations or are hoaxes. Another such statue was unveiled recently by the museum of Xiutetelco, in Puebla, Mexico. Announcements of its discovery refer to it as an “alien figure” … Continue reading