Hitler’s Submarine Found Off Coast of Denmark – Report

The official and most widespread theory says that Adolf Hitler committed suicide when Soviet troops surrounded Berlin. But some researchers believe that the Nazi leader could have escaped to Latin America, where he safely lived after the end of the war. The German submarine U-3523, which allegedly transported leading Nazi figures, including Adolf Hitler himself, to South America 73 years … Continue reading

Findings Tell A Different Tale of Earths Past Civilizations

Earth: the little blue planet that we call home. It has faithfully orbited the sun for nearly 6 billion years and has weathered many changes throughout that incomprehensible amount of time. And even though scientists and researchers have learned a great deal about the history of earth, there are still more questions than there are answers at this point. Humans … Continue reading

How China is Rewriting the Book on Human Origins

Fossil finds in China are challenging ideas about the evolution of modern humans and our closest relatives. On the outskirts of Beijing, a small limestone mountain named Dragon Bone Hill rises above the surrounding sprawl. Along the northern side, a path leads up to some fenced-off caves that draw 150,000 visitors each year, from schoolchildren to grey-haired pensioners. It was … Continue reading

Frederick Valentich Disappearance: How UFO Helped Inspire The Kettering Incident

A pilot who disappeared nearly 40 years ago after reporting a UFO is one of the inspirations for the plot of the new television drama series The Kettering Incident. While the show revolves around fictional mysterious disappearances in the Tasmanian bush, the disappearance of Frederick Valentich was very real. Valentich was a 20-year-old pilot who went missing over Bass Strait … Continue reading

A Brief History of the Hunt for Planet X

When a group of astronomers in Sweden thought they found a new object in the far reaches of the solar system, they were cautiously excited. Rather than waiting to go through the long scientific publishing process, they quickly posted their findings online, inviting other astronomers to double-check their work. The reason for the buzz? The team thinks they may have … Continue reading

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