Massive Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Detected

If you’re looking for something to take your mind off of the presidential election, this might do the trick. A giant crack has been discovered in the Earth’s magnetosphere – our first line of defense against those pesky cosmic rays that bring down electrical power grids, mess up global positioning systems, garble communications and make your skin look like the … Continue reading

Did Earth’s Magnetosphere Collapse for Two Hours on April 23, 2016?

If you didn’t hear about this, here is an article by the that will catch you up. A report that the Earth’s magnetic field “collapsed” for more than two hours last week sparked fears of solar winds and radiation apocalypse. According to the report by a conspiracy theory-leaning website called Superstation95, satellite data obtained at the National Oceanic and … Continue reading

Earth Faces CATASTROPHE If We Do Not Reinforce Magnetic Shield, Scientist Warns

THE Earth is in dire need of a massive magnetic shield in order to protect itself from solar storms which could wipe out the planet’s technologies and make it rain radiation, an expert has sensationally warned. The Earth does have a magnetosphere – a natural shield that protects us from solar flares. However, the poles of the Earth are constantly … Continue reading