What If the Multiverse Was Real?

Imagine a world of endless possibilities… A world where every decision you make splits reality in half. And then the next decision splits it into another half. And then, again and again, creating an infinite number of parallel universes. How could this be possible? In what ways would your life be different in other realities? And how could these universes … Continue reading

Is it Possible We Live in a Multiverse?

Do we live in a multiverse? Our universe is unimaginably big. The diameter of the known universe is 45 million light years. It might expand beyond that to infinity or it might not!! Is our Universe just one of many in an infinite, ever-expanding multiverse? Well you heard that right! The multiverse. One of the most baffling questions in Astronomy … Continue reading

Life Could Be Far More Common in the Multiverse, According to a New Study

A new study has suggested that the multiverse may be a lot more hospitable to life than previously thought. The idea that our universe may be only one of an infinite number of universes that exist within an overarching multiverse is something that has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years. Some scientists argue that the … Continue reading

Has Evidence of Parallel Universes Been Found?

They call it the multiverse. It’s a cosmos in which there are multiple universes. And by multiple, I mean an infinite number. These uncountable realms sit side by side in higher dimensions that our senses are incapable of perceiving directly. Yet increasingly astronomers and cosmologists seem to be invoking the multiverse to explain puzzling observations. The stakes are high. Each … Continue reading

If We Do In Fact Live in a Multiverse, Where Are These Worlds Hiding?

By some estimates, the known universe may contain as many as 2 trillion galaxies, with the average galaxy holding approximately 100 million stars and untold numbers of planets. But could there be multiple copies of the entire universe as we understand it? The concept of a multiverse — worlds that invisibly coexist alongside us, perhaps representing versions of reality that … Continue reading

Black Holes ARE Weird But WHITE HOLES Are More Weird, May Be ‘SPEWING Matter From Another Universe’

What scientists do know about black holes is that they are a point in space where the gravity is so intense that not even light can escape – meaning that they are impossible to see, even with modern technology. While nothing in regards to black holes is currently certain, experts believe that once information is inside a black hole, it … Continue reading

What Would a Parallel Universe Even Look Like?

If you consider that the Milky Way galaxy has a radius of 100,000 light-years (1 light-year is 9.5 trillion km), and it’s estimated that there are 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the Universe, we’re living in an unfathomably gigantic place. But what if this was just a fraction of what’s truly out there? What if our Universe is just … Continue reading

Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence

Despite our vast understanding of science, many mysteries still remain to be solved. Is our universe unique? From science fiction to science fact, there is a proposal out there that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities. So, instead of turning down that … Continue reading

The 2 Most Dangerous Numbers In The Universe Are Threatening The End of Physics

CERN has announced that the LHCb experiment had revealed the existence of two new baryon subatomic particles. A deeply disturbing and controversial line of thinking has emerged within the physics community. It’s the idea that we are reaching the absolute limit of what we can understand about the world around us through science. “The next few years may tell us … Continue reading