The Brooklyn Bridge UFO – The Weirdest Story You’ll Ever Hear

Nov 30, 1989, just after 3 AM. New York City, Janet Kimball was driving over the Brooklyn Bridge when her car stalled and slowly rolled to a stop. After a couple of failed attempts to get the car started, Janet was hit by a bright light. Bright enough that she had to shield her eyes. The light was coming from … Continue reading

New York City Unveils Nuclear Preparedness Strategy for ‘The Big One’

“The Emergency Management Department unveiled a new public service announcement on Monday encouraging NYC residents to familiarize themselves with the city’s new safety strategy for possible nuclear events.” by Evan Craighead Sputniknews Image credit: The Associated Press/Ted Shaffrey Despite the low probability of a nuclear strike, New York City officials believe locals would prefer to be prepared for such a … Continue reading

What If A Nuclear Bomb Hits New York Tomorrow

The famous Doomsday clock shows 100 seconds before the Apocalypse. And it won’t happen because of some higher power but upon the initiative of a human being. We’ve never come so close to the edge of the abyss – nuclear war. One more step and the history of mankind is over. And unfortunately, current world problems, personal ambitions of some … Continue reading

Rudolph Fentz; The Man Out of Time

In 1951, a man was said to have appeared out of thin air in the middle of New York City. He was killed shortly afterwards, but when officials searched his body, it left them wondering not so much WHERE he came from, but WHEN. This is the tale of Rudolph Fentz; the man out of time. Bedtime Stories YouTube IF … Continue reading

Shaking and Loud Booms Reported from 3.1 Magnitude Quake in New York

South Glens Falls in Saratoga County, New York experienced a rare incidence of noticeable seismic activity on morning of March 11, 2020. “The village, north of Albany, experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 at around 6.43 a.m. EDT. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at 43.295°N 73.639°W, south-southwest of South Glens Falls at a depth of 8.2 … Continue reading

Triangle UFO NY 2-19
Huge Triangular UFO ‘Ejecting Red Orb’ Recorded Gliding Across Sky Above New York

Reported UFO sightings are frequent in upstate New York, with a website that collects witness reports claiming there were 65 such sightings in the region last year, ranging from unusual light patterns and large triangular shapes to frightening creatures. A YouTube user has uploaded a video of what he believes to be a fascinating UFO sighting, with a triangular object … Continue reading

Officials Tight Lipped on Purpose of Mysterious New Metal Towers in New York

Situated at the entrances of New York City’s Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery tunnels are tall, metal towers stamped with the Empire State’s seal. What are they, you ask? That’s the million-dollar question that no one, not even city officials, really have a concrete answer to. “I don’t actually know what those are,” Neal Zuckerman, a board member for the … Continue reading

New York City May Be Overdue For A Devastating Earthquake

It might not seem like an obvious location, but New York may be overdue an earthquake that could cause substantial damage. The claim was made by journalist Kathryn Miles in her new book, Quakeland: On the Road to America’s Next Devastating Earthquake. The region apparently experiences a major earthquake every hundred years, the last being back in 1884. New York … Continue reading

Large Green Fireball Lights Up the Sky Over Parts of US Midwest (VIDEO)

A giant green fireball was caught on a police officer’s dashcam lighting up the skies over the US midwest early Monday morning. The Illinois officer was on routine patrol around 1:30 a.m., when he saw “a giant green-lighted orb.” so the quick-thinking cop turned on his dashcam to capture the spectacular sight. “It was too good not to share,” Lisle … Continue reading

Freezing Temps, Snow & Icy Rain to Hit 200 Million People

Ready, steady, bundle up! Jack Frost is about to dance across the Northeast with a freezing polar vortex making a dramatic return to the US. Chills, snow and rain are expected to make a landfall over the weekend, likely bringing old classics like slippery roads and flight delays. Meteorologists predict that the freezing blast will cover midwestern and northeastern states … Continue reading

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