Arctic Chill Plunges into North America

Desperately cold weather is now gripping the Midwest and Northern Plains of the United States, as well as interior Canada. The culprit is a familiar one: the polar vortex. A large area of low pressure and extremely cold air usually swirls over the Arctic, with strong counter-clockwise winds that trap the cold around the Pole. But disturbances in the jet … Continue reading

Freezing Temps, Snow & Icy Rain to Hit 200 Million People

Ready, steady, bundle up! Jack Frost is about to dance across the Northeast with a freezing polar vortex making a dramatic return to the US. Chills, snow and rain are expected to make a landfall over the weekend, likely bringing old classics like slippery roads and flight delays. Meteorologists predict that the freezing blast will cover midwestern and northeastern states … Continue reading

The Polar Vortex is Shifting, Brace Yourself

Climate change has hit the Arctic worse than ever over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the Northern Hemisphere is going to be experiencing a mild winter this year. In fact, a new study shows that the polar vortex is shifting, and it’s going to make winters on the east coast of the US and parts of Europe … Continue reading

Climate Chaos? Shift in the Polar Vortex and a Colder Winter Predicted by Study

A FRIGID WINTER IS COMING If you live in the northern United States, get ready to bundle up this winter. New climate studies foresee that as the Arctic warms, the polar vortex is shifting toward Europe and frigid cold will move into North America in February and March. The development is detailed in Nature. The polar vortex is a ring … Continue reading