Australian Engineers Find New Way to Build Quantum Computers

Researchers in Australia have found a new way to build quantum computers which they say would make them dramatically easier and cheaper to produce at scale. Quantum computers promise to harness the strange ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at a time to solve problems that are too complex or time-consuming for existing computers. Google, … Continue reading

‘Angel Particle’ Discovery Could Lead to 100 MILLION Times Faster Computers

SCIENTISTS have made a major breakthrough after discovering an ‘Angel particle’ which has been theorised about for 80 years and could lead to a technological revolution that will make your modern day Mac seem like the very first Commodore computer. At the very beginning of the universe, the Big Bang created equal parts matter and anti-matter, so scientists believe. If … Continue reading

IBM Created an “Impossible” Molecule that Could Power Quantum Computers

Chemists hate being beaten by physicists at their own game. At IBM Research, physicist Leo Gross and his team have done just that. Gross’s team made a triangular molecule that chemists have found impossible to produce by conventional chemistry. To rub it in even more, Gross and his colleagues may go even further by using these molecules to create long … Continue reading