Hidden Anomalies Discovered on the Stone of Destiny

“…used X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to identify an unusual copper alloy stain on the stone which might have been left by some sort of copper or brass object in the distant past.” by T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries image credit: CC Aaron Bradley A historic stone that has been used in the coronation of monarches for centuries has yielded some surprising … Continue reading

imageCC BY_SA Hbbrown18
Has Lake Champlain’s Creature ‘Champ’ Been Picked up on Sonar ?

“According to the video, the unidentified creature was 20 ft in length” via unexplained-mysteries image credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Hbbrown18 A research group has posted up footage of what appears to be a sonar hit of a large creature swimming in the lake. Spanning parts of New York State, Vermont and Quebec – Lake Champlain is home to an elusive … Continue reading

Loch Ness Monster Sighting Recorded on Webcam

If this creature is real, I wonder what their life span is, and if they are alone or they are not alone and are reproducing, if not reproducing and they are real, we might end up never knowing if they ever existed… unless perhaps one day we find their bones after they are long gone. via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: YouTube … Continue reading

UFO Scotland Sept 2020
Unexplained Lights Seen Above Largs, Scotland

A photo taken by a schoolgirl captured an unexplained set of lights in the night sky above the small coastal resort town of Largs Scotland. Fifteen-year-old Rosie Bowman snapped the UFO as it hovered above her home in The Rise, a North Ayershire housing estate, in Largs on the night of September 5, 2020. The image has got the town … Continue reading

Scientists Set to Reveal ‘Plausible’ Nessie Theory

Fact or fiction? A Kiwi scientist is set to reveal his research into the Loch Ness monster. An international team of researchers, led by Professor Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago, went searching for DNA from the famous 226-metre deep lake in Scotland in 2018. That DNA was extracted from 250 water samples taken at various locations from the … Continue reading

Blazing Fireball Sightings over Scotland Skies Probably a Meteorite

A SIGHTING of a fireball blazing its way across the sky near Annan has prompted more reports. A sighting of a fireball blazing its way across the sky near Annan has prompted more reports An appeal by the UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) for sightings at about 5.15 pm last Wednesday prompted an account from someone driving from Eaglesfield to … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Streaking Over Scotland Skies?

People across Tayside were speculating last night after a streak of light appeared in the sky. Rachel Malcolm sent a picture of the bright line in the darkening night sky to the Telegraph. She said: “Just saw this in Invergowrie. “It’s like something burning up in the atmosphere.” Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director at the Royal Astronomical Society, said: … Continue reading

Scotland Police Officers Baffled After Witnessing Paranormal Activity Including Levitating Dog

PERPLEXED officers on a call to a disturbance saw lights going off, clothes flying across a room and a dog, which was playing in the garden, suddenly perched on top of a 7ft hedge. Police investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed paranormal activity. The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going … Continue reading