Forbidden Archaeology: Lost Giants of America | The Smithsonian’s Biggest Secret

In 1886, mining engineer John T. Reid was told the Paiute legend of a giant people defeated by the natives near Lovelock, Nevada. The last of the giants met their fiery end deep within the bowels of a cave. Reid’s belief in this legend stirred great interest in the secrets held within Lovelock Cave. Official excavations were undertaken in both … Continue reading

Ancient Civilizations
Pre – Ice Age Advanced Civilizations Really Did Exist! – Graham Hancock

Thanks to scientific advances, and to archaeological and geological discoveries made in the last several years, we now know that the Americas were populated by humans for tens of thousands of years before the previously accepted date. Deeply puzzling and hitherto unsuspected genetic connections have also emerged – for example linking Native Americans both with Australian Aborigines and with Western … Continue reading

Mouthless ‘Alien Mask’ Discovered at Late Chalcolithic Mound in Bulgaria

This year’s archaeological season at the oldest salt mining center in Europe, which dates back to the 5 – 4th millennium BC and became the first prehistoric town on the continent, is now over. The site is located near the present town of Provadia (northeastern Bulgaria) and has been studied for years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, archaeologists’ work began … Continue reading

Egyptian Archaeologists Find 13 Sealed 2,500yo Coffins, Tease of ‘Very Exciting’ Discovery Coming Soon

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has confirmed the discovery of 13 pristine condition wooden coffins, each at least 2,500 years old and sealed since they were first interred. And there are likely more to come. According to a press release, the tomb was discovered near the desert necropolis of Saqqara in Egypt some 11 meters (36 feet) below … Continue reading

Archaeologists May Have Found Table that Held the Ark of the Covenant

The stone table was found within an ancient temple unearthed approximately 20km west of Jerusalem. The golden chest believed to have held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, the Ark remains one of the most sought-after and mystifying religious artifacts in history. For years researchers have attempted to determine where it might be or if it … Continue reading

3D Images of ‘Noah’s Ark’ Set to be Revealed

A Turkish ark-hunter has captured new subterranean images of what he believes to be the real Noah’s Ark. The final whereabouts of the biblical vessel have long remained a topic of heated debate among historians, with many unable to agree upon whether or not it ever actually existed at all. Among those who do believe that the story of Noah … Continue reading

Ancient Temple Discovered in ‘Egyptian Atlantis’

Archaeologists have made multiple discoveries within the submerged ruins of the Egyptian city of Heracleion, a once a bustling trading port and offering us a fascinating glimpse into the past. Located near the Canopic mouth of the Nile, the ruins of what is sometimes referred to as “Egypt’s Atlantis” lie 30ft beneath Abu Qir Bay approximately 2.5 km off the … Continue reading

History of Giants on Record Explored by Author Hugh Newman

Everyone knows the first line of the English fairy tale, “Fee Fi Fo Fum.” But how many know the rest of the verse, which gets a little dark: “I smell the blood of an Englishman/ Be he alive, or be he dead/ I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.” What the hell kind of bedtime story is that? Actually, … Continue reading

Giant ‘Jars of the Dead’ Found in Laos

Does this discovery lend support to the legends of giants that existed on earth in the long ago past? Give these a read after you’ve read the article below… Ancient Cultures from Around the World Spoke of Giants 2,000-Year-Old ‘Book Of Giants’ Describes How the Nephilim Were Destroyed Letter Revealed Ancient Giants Buried in Alaska Mythical ‘City of Giants’ in … Continue reading

A Giant Sarcophagus Has Been Discovered In Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have a hard question to answer: who is the colossal figure buried inside this massive sarcophagus? The discovery was made during an excavation in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria. Measuring a whopping 2.65 meters (8.7 feet) in length, the discovery is the largest granite sarcophagus ever found in the area, which is renowned for its ancient … Continue reading

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