‘Doctor Doom’ Issues Global-Market Crash Warning

“The US default would be disastrous, according to eminent economist Nouriel Roubini” via RT image: © Getty Images / maikid The US government’s failure to agree on lifting the debt ceiling is likely to hit markets and damage confidence in the dollar over the longer term, renowned economist and New York University professor Nouriel Roubini has warned. “They may get … Continue reading

Americans Warned of Financial ‘Catastrophe’

““It makes me nervous…It would be devastating. It’s a catastrophe,” Yellen told Axios news outlet…” via sputniknews image: © Getty Images / Colin Anderson Productions The country faces a recession if it defaults on its debt, the Treasury secretary has said. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Saturday warned of dire consequences the country may be facing if it doesn’t … Continue reading

‘Doctor Doom’ Predicts World is Headed for Stagflation

“Roubini, dubbed ‘Doctor Doom’ by Wall Street, argued that the general consensus that inflationary pressures are temporary and that raising rates will temper soaring prices and provide for a “soft landing” of the economy is wrong.” via RT headline image: © Getty Images / Nirut Sangkeaw / EyeEm Inflation and recession will be the constant companions of the global economy … Continue reading

Global Economy in for ‘Violent’ Shocks Ahead – Economist

The coming recession will lead to a profound structural shift, Mohamed El-Erian says. via RT headline image: © Getty Images / jcrosemann There’s a tendency to see economic challenges as temporary and quickly reversible, but this time the world is headed for a profound economic and financial shift rather than just another recession, Mohamed El-Erian has warned. El-Erian is the … Continue reading

20 Facts About the Emerging Global Food Shortage that Should Chill You to the Core

“…most people assume that life will just continue to carry on as it normally does. Unfortunately, the truth is that a very real planetary emergency is developing right in front of our eyes” by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse A very alarming global food shortage has already begun, and it is only going to get worse in the months … Continue reading

Prominent US Billionaire Forecasts New Economic World Order

The billionaire also predicted that the Chinese economy will overtake the US in size to become much more powerful. via RT Headline Image: © Getty Images / jcrosemann China is winning the economic competition against the United States, according to Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge-fund firm, Bridgewater Associates. When asked by the BBC on Thursday whether … Continue reading

Coronavirus May Bring Economic ‘Doomsday Scenario’, Global Economy Could See $2 Trillion Hit

The United Nations warned this week that the COVID-19 outbreak will likely cost the global economy $1 trillion this year, and in a worst-case scenario, the loss could be double that amount. “We envisage a slowdown in the global economy to under 2% for this year, and that will probably cost in the order of $1 trillion, compared with what … Continue reading

Trump’s Trade War Escalation Could Cause Global Recession within Less than a Year

The worsening trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, could send the global economy into recession within three fiscal quarters, research by investment bank Morgan Stanley has found. “Investors are generally of the view that the trade dispute could drag on for longer, but they appear to be overlooking its potential impact on the … Continue reading

Crash of Stock Market Imminent Warns 5 Highly Respected Financial Experts

If everything is going to be “just fine”, why are so many big names in the financial community warning about an imminent meltdown? I don’t think that I have seen so many simultaneous warnings about a market crash since just before the great financial crisis of 2008. And at this point, you would have to be quite blind not to … Continue reading

World is Barrelling Towards the “Post-Work Economy”; Work is Over, And it’s Not Good News

AS WE start the year full of good intentions to flourish at work, social scientists are warning our careers could be over sooner than we expect. The world is barrelling towards what has been dubbed the “post-work economy”, as technology replaces humans at an unprecedented rate. Driverless cars are set to make millions of truckies and taxi drivers redundant and … Continue reading