The System Will Go Down But Not for the Reasons that We Think it Will We Need to Transition

MONEY is the problem… they will need to redesign a way to profit from us…unless they no longer need us? Getting serious. Bruce Sees all YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

The Elite’s Quest for Immortality Quietly Continues; Look to Transfer Consciousness to a New Body and Live Forever

There’s a body of research — treatments, cures, procedures — that are afforded by wealthy elites, quietly worked on in private labs and little talked about in the media. The never ending quest for immortality has truly never ended. While this seems like the plot from a Twilight Zone episode, like all good Twilight Zone episodes, it’s much more science … Continue reading

Elite are Preparing for Nibiru Apocalypse NEXT YEAR but the Rest of us are DOOMED Claims Survival Firm’s Boss

WORLD leaders are planning to hide out in bunkers next year to escape the doom a gigantic planet will cause as it passes the Earth, according to a conspiracy theory. A secret plan to carve out huge underground complexes connected by high-speed trains for the ruling classes is already underway, a survival firm boss conspiracy theory supporter has claimed. One … Continue reading

Wikileaks John Podesta War in Space, UFOs and the Elite – Part 1

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 Wikileaks just dropped a bomb with its recently released John Podesta email dump, which by the way, only represents 1% of what will be released to the public before the November election. Some of the “conspiracy theories” confirmed by this release include: humanity has been in contact with “Cosmic Cultures”, a … Continue reading

Wealthy Elite Caught Buying Huge Bunkers To Hide From General Public

A Silicon Valley insider has gone on the record and admitted that the world’s elite are buying up huge amounts of land and building underground bunkers in order to hide away from the general public. According to former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martínez, the wealthy elite have set-up private groups on the social media giant in order to discuss … Continue reading

Flood waters drowning the statue of liberty
Planet X Effects – Doomsday Dave