The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters and one character.
Green Meteor Fireball Recorded Streaking Across West Michigan Sky

It’s is not something you expect to see on your drive home from work. As Andrew Gunneson drove south on U.S. 131 from M-57, his dash cam caught a quick flash in the night sky. It was a meteor falling on the horizon. What fell is technically a fireball, based on how bright it is, but it’s not clear where … Continue reading

‘Earth Moved’ as Enormous Fireball Exploded over Spanish Sky [video]

Stunned observers feared explosion or earthquake as massive fireball “brighter than the moon” ripped through atmosphere at 72,000 kilometres and hour This is the moment a massive fireball described as “brighter than the moon” lit up a huge part of Spain, including the Costa del Sol. Many people thought there had been an explosion or an earthquake of a small … Continue reading

Blazing Fireball Sightings over Scotland Skies Probably a Meteorite

A SIGHTING of a fireball blazing its way across the sky near Annan has prompted more reports. A sighting of a fireball blazing its way across the sky near Annan has prompted more reports An appeal by the UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) for sightings at about 5.15 pm last Wednesday prompted an account from someone driving from Eaglesfield to … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Lights up Sky over the Gulf of Mexico near Florida

Reports of a bright flash in the Western sky out over the Gulf of Mexico late Monday night. At around 11:18 P.M. on Monday there was a bright light that lit up the night over the Suncoast. We have had numerous reports of this “fireball” moving toward the west out over the Gulf of Mexico. Josh Stone ABC 7 meteorologist … Continue reading

The Tunguska Event Comet Will Light The Sky With Fireballs

If we could all take a moment to put down Pokémon GO and Tinder and take a look overhead, we’d probably find the skies are full of interesting phenomena. This Halloween season was a rare treat, with UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona, mysterious green fireballs lighting up the skies over Japan, and a near-miss by a massive asteroid. Now, things are … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Streaking Over Scotland Skies?

People across Tayside were speculating last night after a streak of light appeared in the sky. Rachel Malcolm sent a picture of the bright line in the darkening night sky to the Telegraph. She said: “Just saw this in Invergowrie. “It’s like something burning up in the atmosphere.” Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director at the Royal Astronomical Society, said: … Continue reading

Massive Slow Moving FIREBALL Photographed over London

Ali Osman was going through a daily routine with his one year old girl when he encountered the bizarre object outside his window. Civil engineer Ali, from Erith, south east London, snapped these pictures of the orb, which resembles a massive fireball or flaming meteorite. The married dad-of-one said: “I woke up with my daughter around 6am. “I always have … Continue reading

Two Meteor Fireball Sightings: New Zealand & San Diego California USA

Meteor Fireball Spotted in Skies across New Zealand People across the country are reporting what is possibly a meteor shining bright as it passed overhead on Friday night. The “huge fireball or space junk re-entry” was reported in the skies above the capital from about 7.30pm. A resident in the Upper Hutt suburb of Totara Park said they thought it … Continue reading

Bright Greenish-Blue Meteor Fireball Explodes over Puerto Rico

A greenish bright meteor was visible from several areas of the island on the night of July 26, 2016, reported the Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC). The educational institution conducted an analysis suggesting it was a meteor Alfa Capricornids, a slight meteor shower associated with comet debris 169P / NEAT. Although Capricornids Alfa is not a meteor shower well known and … Continue reading

Fireball Spotted Over Much of Western and Northern California

Light was also seen in Las Vegas A streak of light was seen over the eastern sky of Northern California Wednesday night. The light was also seen over Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Reno.It is unclear what caused the light, which was first spotted around 9:45 p.m. According to NASA, the Delta Aquarids meteor shower is expected to peak … Continue reading

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The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters and one character.