Late Notice Again as Giant Asteroid Flew Through the Earth-Moon Orbit

With just a few hours’ notice, a relatively large asteroid whipped through the Earth-moon orbit over the weekend. You may have missed it though; humanity only learned of the asteroid hours before the flyby. A “Tunguska-class” asteroid was first spotted by the Catalina Sky Survey out of the University of Arizona on April 14. The asteroid, 2018 GE3, flew by … Continue reading

The Statistical Likelihood That We Will All Be Destroyed By An Asteroid in 10 Million Years

Scientists have spent decades debating whether asteroids and comets hit the Earth at regular intervals. At the same time, a few studies have found evidence that the large extinction events on Earth – such as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago – repeat themselves every 26 million to 30 million years. Given that there’s good … Continue reading

Is Earth About To Be Hit By An Asteroid? Making Sense of Life in a Hostile Universe

This Saturday at roughly 2:38 AM Eastern Time an asteroid bigger than a football stadium will whiz past Earth at 28,000 miles per hour and almost certainly not hit us. But that won’t be the end of it. The 755-foot-diameter projectile is set to return every year until 2022, during which time who knows what could happen. Per custom, the … Continue reading

Catastrophic Asteroid Impact Risk ‘Real’ – White House

Editor’s comment: With the seemingly increasing asteroid and comet activity the last few years could they be expecting something or suspect something might happen soon and this ‘PSA’ is being used as a disguise to step up efforts? The US government has proposed an increased global effort to locate 300,000 or so Earth-impact risks and prepare for potential future meteor … Continue reading