Nuclear Expert: Tritium in Fukushima Wastewater ‘Very Dangerous, Causes ‘Genetic Damage’

“”It gets inside you easily. It exchanges with normal hydrogen, sometimes it becomes organically (covalently) bound. It causes genetic damage at tiny conventional doses (calculated using the energy per unit mass, joule/kg formula of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, employed by the IAEA),” said Busby.” As Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant operator the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has reportedly … Continue reading

Ancient Aliens: Atomic Blast Destroys Ancient Pakistani Civilization

Ancient Astronaut Theorists made a shocking discovery related to the Indus people from Mohenjo Daro. See more in this clip from Aliens and Lost Civilizations. HISTORY YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Scientists Say They’ve Found Best Hiding Place From Nuclear Blast

“The scientists used advanced computer models to see how the air blast from a nuclear bomb passes through a structure that remains standing.” by Fantine Gardinier via sputniknews image: Cristian Ibarra – Pixabay A group of researchers have found what they say is the most survivable location in a building at a certain distance from the detonation of a nuclear … Continue reading

Did an Alien Save Us From Nuclear War?

This video takes a closer look at a bizarre alien theory that hits right at the heart of the US Government: Valiant Thor! According to one claim, there was once an alien working FOR THE PENTAGON, trying to prevent humankind from nuclear destruction… so what REALLY happened? Unveiled YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS … Continue reading

China to Have Nuclear Powered Moon Base by 2028, Lunar Exploration Chief Says

“”We are currently developing a new energy system where nuclear energy can provide high-power and long-time supply.”” by Fantine Gardinier via sputniknews Leading the charge in a new generation of lunar exploration has been the China National Space Administration (CNSA), which has dispatched several probes to the moon from its Chang’e series. They have explored the far side of the … Continue reading

What Caused Thermonuclear Radiation on Mars 180 Million Years Ago?

Was Mars once a home to a flourishing and advanced species who met a devastating end? Physicist Dr John Brandenburg says there is evidence for two nuclear explosions on Mars These apparently wiped out two races – the Cydonians and Utopians. Have a look at this very interesting video which presents the evidence and see what you think… What changed … Continue reading

Nuclear_BIld av WikiImages från Pixabay
Putin Reacts to Question about Nuclear Apocalypse

“The Russian president stayed silent when asked about this possibility” Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly became “lost in thought” when asked to follow up on comments he made in 2018 about Russians being the victims of aggression who would go to heaven in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. During Thursday’s Valdai Discussion Club event in Moscow, moderator Fyodor Lukyanov … Continue reading

New York City Unveils Nuclear Preparedness Strategy for ‘The Big One’

“The Emergency Management Department unveiled a new public service announcement on Monday encouraging NYC residents to familiarize themselves with the city’s new safety strategy for possible nuclear events.” by Evan Craighead Sputniknews Image credit: The Associated Press/Ted Shaffrey Despite the low probability of a nuclear strike, New York City officials believe locals would prefer to be prepared for such a … Continue reading

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes a statement outside the Security Council at UN headquarters in New York City, March 14, 2022 © AP / Richard Drew
Nuclear War is ‘Within the Realm of Possibility’ – UN Chief

“Aside from the specter of nuclear conflict, Guterres warned that “this war will have no winners, only losers.” The world’s poor will be particularly affected by soaring food prices, he said, noting that “Ukraine alone provides more than half of the World Food Programme’s wheat supply,” and that Russia and Ukraine combined account for half of the world’s sunflower oil … Continue reading

Apocalypse Nuke_pixabay
WWIII Will be Nuclear – Moscow

““It is unacceptable to us that, contrary to the fundamental provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, US atomic armaments are still located on the territory of some European countries,” the veteran official remarked.” via RT Image credit: CristianIS/Pixabay The next major conflict between world powers will involve atomic armaments and will be catastrophic for the human … Continue reading

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